Town Board Highlights, Calendar, and Official Meeting Minutes for September 11, 2023

September 11, 2023  Town Board Meeting Minutes Highlights

9/15 Swinging in the Vines — Sold out

9/16 Harvest Festival  Activities

9 – 10 am  FUN RUN  (participants receive a t-shirt—suggested donation of $20)

9 – 11 am  MUSIC by PaulO and Laura Unleashed

11:00 am PARADE

12 – 3 pm  MUSIC by the Texas Giants

9 am – 3 pm  Food Truck, Pie Contest and sales, White House Specials, Bouncy Slide and Obstacle Course for kids, Pony Rides, etc.

10 – 3 pm  “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest entry forms and on-site printing ($2 cash convenience fee)  Prizes from Stone Ledge Antiques ($25.00 Gift Certificate) and Augusta Winery (Wine Tasting Experience & Charcuterie Tray for 10 on a week day)  Deadline for adults/teens is September 30.

6 – 9 pm  Fruit of the Harvest Dinner at Noboleis Vineyards – 74 reservations

Street Closings on Saturday include Green Street by the Town Hall, Walnut Street from the White House Café to the Emporium, and No Parking on Chestnut Street on the side by the Town Square.

TOWN SQUARE UPDATES – Work is progressing

Pavers are delivered, grading is happening, and pavers will soon be installed.

Swings will be ordered soon and delivered towards the end of September.

If anyone is interested in the basketball backboards and/or the old swings, contact a member of the Town Board.  They are available for pickup and a donation to the Playground Fund.

POST OFFICE UPDATES – The entryway floor will be laminated when a weekend can be arranged.  The foyer will be closed during this time.  Further details will be shared when they are available.

Reprints of “Historic Augusta Buildings and People”,  Anita Mallinckrodt’s best selling book, available for purchase soon.

The Town Sign at 94 and Jackson is being revamped.


Minutes September 11, 2023

Town of Augusta, Missouri

Dan Kemner Building

Trustees Present:

Joe Buchheit                   Chairman

Ellen Knoernschild         Treasurer

Laura Miller                   Clerk

Randal Oaks           Public Works

Rick Barton                    Secretary/Collector/Notary

Citizens Present:

Town Board meeting called to order at7:00pm

  1. Minutes: Aug 8, 2023

1.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to accept the Aug 8, 2023 Minutes w/corrections as presented.

1.2   Seconded by Randal Oaks and approved.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: 8/31/2023

2.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to accept the Treasurer’s & Budget report for Aug 31, 2023 as presented.

2.2   Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

  1. Checks: 12153 – 12196

3.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to approve checks 12153 – 12196 as written.

3.2   Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

  1. Collector’s Report:

4.1   Eff 8-15-2023 $27.93 July Collections

4.2   Ck #560 $10 Sign Permit Hoffman Commercial Real Estate.

4.3   Ck #2413 Land Use Permit 5601 Chestnut

4.4   Ck#563 $250 Hoffman Companies for Hanani

  1. Public Works:

5.1   Swings shipping on the 18th and should arrive around the 19th or 20th.

5.2   Bid for repair of the Post Office floor of $3280 by Creative Touch Paint & Design.

5.3   Motion made by Rick Barton to approve Creative Touch bid of $3280 for Post Office floor repair.

5.4   Seconded by Randal Oaks and approved.

5.5   Gutter damage at the Post Office needs to be assessed and repaired.

5.6   Striping tabled until next meeting.

Committee Reports:

  1. Zoning and Planning:

6.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to approve sign Permit 2023-05 Hoffman Commercial Real Estate.

6.2   Seconded by Randal Oaks and approved.

6.3   5235 Hackman Zoning discussion.

6.4   5572 Chestnut $250 Application Fee Hanani House.

6.5   5601 Chestnut LUP sent to Board of Adjustments for approval.

  1. Chamber of Commerce:

        7.1   Jo Milster presented a map for street closure during the Fall Festival on 9/15 and 9/16.

        7.2   Motion made by Rick Barton to approve the street closure request for the Fall Festival from 3pm 9/15 to 4pm 9/16.

        7.3   Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

        7.4   Swinging in the Vine tickets sold out.

        7.5   Motion made by Rick Barton to approve $1600 for Candle Light Walk light request.

        7.6   Seconded by Randal Oaks and approved.

  1. Parks Committee: no report
  2. Farm Report:

9.1   Farm Contract Bids due by September 13, 2023.

  1. Museum Report:

10.1 Fire Dept recommended Museum install fire extinguishers in case of fire.

10.2 Historical Preservation report given.

10.3 Drawing Illustration presented for new rest rooms

  1. Tree Committee Report: no report
  2. Open to Citizens:

12.1 Don Simon had discussion about the entrance sign on 94 & Jackson St. Don requested if a new type of sign could be made. Don will submit drawing to present to the Town Board.

  1. Old Business: no report
  2. New Business:

14.1 2024 Budget Bill for the Town of Augusta read by Title Only 1st reading.

14.2 Clerk assigned Bill 2023-12

14.3 Bill 2023-12 Budget for the Town of Augusta read

2nd reading by Title Only.

14.4 Motion made by Rick Barton to accept Bill 2023-12 as Ordinance 2023-12.

14.5 Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

14.6 Gay Eskew report: TOWN WEBSITE:

Event listings, minutes, and general information are going well. Any suggestions on possible updates on the website?


There will be a table outside the Wandering Owl to share about the Photo Contest from 10 – 3 pm at the Harvest Festival on Saturday, September 16.  The theme is “Autumn in Augusta.”  Entry forms will be available.  Photo printing will also be available for a nominal  $2.00 cash convenience fee to enter the contest.  The deadline is September 30.  The prizes are from Stone Ledge Antiques ($25.00 gift certificate) and Augusta Winery (gift certificate for 10 people to include wine tastings, information on each wine, and a Charcuterie Tray–reservations accepted during a week day).

The KIDS’ “BEST OF AUGUSTA” PHOTO CONTEST will be during September and October with an October 31 deadline.  “Autumn in Augusta” is the theme.  The local school, Augusta Elementary, will be participating through the art classes.  All kids 12 and under are welcome to enter. The Town Board is once again providing cash prizes ($30.00, $25.00, and $20.00) for the top three kid photographers.

  1. Meeting adjourned at 8:26pm. Next meeting 10/02/2023 at 7:00pm

Respectfully Submitted:

Richard J. Barton


MINUTES September 11, 2023

Town of Augusta Missouri          Dan Kemner Building

Trustees Present:

Joe Buchheit             Chairman                    

Ellen Knoernschild  Treasurer

Laura Miller             Clerk

Randal Oaks             Public Works

Richard Barton        Secretary/Collector/Notary

 Citizens Present:      

 Tax Rate Hearing called to order at 8:15pm.

  1. Tax Rate Hearing:

     2.1       Rick Barton made a motion to accept General Tax Rate 0.1650 per $100 assessed valuation.

     2.2       Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

     2.3       Rick Barton made a motion to accept Lights Tax Rate 0.0823 per $100 assessed valuation.          

     2.4       Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

 3.0           Tax Rate Hearing closed at 8:20pm.

 Respectfully Submitted

 Richard J Barton