January 3, 2022 Meeting Highlights

REGULAR TOWN BOARD MEETING  (Old & New Business; Open to Citizens)

New Business

  • Bill introduced for An Agreement with St. Charles County for Kennel Services and Animal Control.  It was approved and became Ordinance 2022-01.

Old Business

  • Signups ended on December 28, 2021 for the election of TWO Trustee positions  on the April 5, 2022 ballot.
  • Town Directories are back from the printing company and ready to be mailed to the Town residents.
  • Currently working on putting together a Parks Committee.
  • Best of Augusta” Photo Contest for the adults/teens is on hold for this year.  The KIDS’ “BEST OF AUGUSTA” PHOTO CONTEST is still set for September later this year in 2022.  The Boone Country Connection articles on photography tips will keep the contest in front of the BCC readers.  Some of our photographers have mentioned that this is where they heard about the contest.
  •  Town of Augusta website:  The Town website is soliciting ideas of how to  improve.  One suggestion is to link the Facebook page with the website.  (If anyone knows how to link the two or has any ideas, please contact me, Gay Eskew, on the Town email of townofaugustamo@gmail.com .)  Another idea is to add a page with the latest updates.  Possible examples of photos are the winners of the house-decorating contest, the gingerbread house contest,  Christmas Walk highlights, Harvest Festival highlights, Plein Air “People’s Choice.”  The Town Board meeting minute highlights are similar to the summaries that Anita Mallinckrodt used to do for the ANN (Augusta News & Notes).  http://www.townofaugustamo.org 
  • Treasurer’s Report:  -Treasurer’s Report was approved.
  • Collector:  Eff 12-15-21 $114.77 for November collections.  -Eff 12-16-21 $6,800.00 Advance on Dec collections.  -Eff 12-23-21 $ 2,300.00 Advance on Dec collections.  -Eff 12-30-21 $2900.00 Advance on Dec collections.  -$1,000.00 for Rezoning at 233 Jackson St.   -$50 for Building Permit for Botanical Tea at 5350 Hackman Road.
  • Public Works:    –Tree service scheduled for 1/6/2022.   – Cold patching material has been delivered.                –Mount Pleasant Drain still has not been moved.   -Working on getting asphalt bids for March or April 2022.
  • Farm:    -Town received farm payment of $30,766.50 on December 28, 2022.
  •  Zoning & Planning:   –Jan. 6, 2022 Zoning meeting concerning Air B&B at the Kemner Bldg @6:30 pm.  All are welcome to attend.   –Jan 24, 2022 Rezoning meeting for 233 Jackson at the Kemner Bldg @ 6:30 pm.  All are welcome to attend.
  • Cemetery:   No updates.
  • History & Museum:  No report.
  • Chamber:  Next meeting on January 17, 2022.
  • Other Committees:  –Arbor Day application submitted. No response received yet.


April 20 – 30, 2022       PLEIN AIR Art Festival