August 1, 2022 Meeting Highlights

REGULAR TOWN BOARD MEETING  (Old & New Business; Open to Citizens)

All 4 current Trustees present.  Citizens present:  13.

New Business:

1.)  Budget Proposal for 2022-2023 submitted by Ellen Knoernschild and discussed.

2.)  Aug 2, 2022 Election location change discussed with Town residents.

3.)  An Appreciation letter sent in by Tom Conboy was read to the Town by Ellen Knoernschild.

4.)  No Tax Due system information submitted by Laura Miller and discussed.

5.)  Free Covid Test kits available at

6.)  Training session in September for Missouri City Clerks and Finance Officers.

Old Business

1.)  Hoffman Company employees using the Library restroom has been addressed.

2.)  Town letter sent out to residents about filling a vacant spot on the Augusta Town Board.

Open to Citizens:

1.)  Jeanne Abbott on Washington St. requests a dangerous tree for removal on an easement behind her house.  Joe Buchheit will follow up on her request.

2.)  Todd White requested to access the ball field for camping and the Bike Across America event from October 9 – 14.

3.)  Kathleen Thompson, representative with St. Charles Urban County CDGB Community block program, spoke to the residents.


Treasurer’s Report:

1.)  Treasurer’s Report and check expenditures were approved.


1.)  Eff 7-15-22:  $616.74 for June monthly collections.

2.)  Land Use Permit ($50.00) for Artist Inn, 5350 Hackman Rd.

Public Works:

1.)  Trees were removed from City Parks.

2.)  Decision was made to move forward with 5 Star Painting’s bid for painting and repairs of the History Museum.  Motion made and approved to allocate $3,000.

3.)  Park sign designs were submitted by Laura Miller for discussion.

Zoning & Planning: 

1.)  Request was made for reimbursement of the rezoning fee at 255 Washington St, since it was withdrawn.  The Board voted to approve reimbursing Randy Green $500 of the application fee.

2.) Motion made and approved for the following Town of Augusta Board of Adjustment members with their terms:  John Krakowski (2022-2027), Dave Schrader (2018-2023), Kelly Dolan (2019-2024), Randall Oaks (2020-2025) and Eric Gargrave (2021-2026) with Chris Coleman as an Alternate.

History & Museum:  No report submitted

Chamber of Commerce:  No report submitted

Farm Report:

1.)  Levee has been repaired.

2.)  Farm field corn and bean crops are growing good.

Other Committees:

Tree Committee:  No report submitted

Parks Committee:  No report submitted

Cemetery Committee:  No report submitted

“Best of Augusta” Photo Contest:

1.)  Kids’ 12 and under Photo Contest is coming up in September.  Cash / check prizes from the Town are First Place: $30.00,  Second Place:  $25.00, and Third Place:  $20.00.



September 16-17, 2022          Swinging in the Vines and the Augusta Harvest Festival

September 30, 2022               Kids’ “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest deadline

October 3, 2022                       Town Board Meeting  7:00 pm