June 7, 2021 Meeting Minutes


  • The Emporium General Store, 5545  Walnut Street, is opening on July 2.  Owners are the Hoffmans.
  • Laura Miller is conducting research on recycling.
  • Citizens brought up and discussed licensing recreational vehicles and unlicensed motorized vehicles driving in Town.  This is on hold until legal counsel can be consulted.
  • Danny Kelly brought up that the sign at Jackson Street and Highway 94 is too close to the road causing a blind spot and hazardous turning onto 94.  The Town Board is considering the option of moving the sign.


  • Collector:    -April EFF is $55.56.    -one sign permit @$25.00    -two land us permits @$50.00
  • Public Works:    -Town & Country sprayed weeds.    -Most potholes around Town are patched.    -Special thanks to Kale Meinershagen for help with work at the Visitors Center.    –Striping done on the designated streets.         -Approved Hoffman’s request for rock removal and replacing it with asphalt on Water Street.
  • Farm:    –Corn is planted and growing in the fields.
  • Zoning & Planning:    -Land use permit at 225 Jackson for private use of gas pumps.    -Land use permit for the Emporium at 5545 Walnut Street.    –Sign permit for Greg Nadler.    –Vacancy on the Zoning Commission needs to be filled.
  • History & Museum:    –Plant sale was successful.  Money will go into a fund for the restroom addition.                  –Museum is open the first Sunday of the month.
  • Chamber:    –Harvest Festival on September 17-18 has plans for 5K and 10K runs plus a Harvest parade on Saturday the 18th.    -Augusta Visitors Center concept plan was presented to the Town Board.    -Marketing a new wine glass design.    -There are 58 Greater Augusta Chamber of Commerce members, 41 of which are in Augusta.    -Bob Hofer made a motion to approve $7,000 for painting “German Schmear” on the outside of the Visitors Center.   The motion was discussed and approved.
  • “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest entries have been received and are being judged.


July 2 — Grand Opening of the Emporium General Store at the corner of Walnut and Jackson Streets.

July 3 — Fireworks permit approved for Paul and Melissa Hughes at Honey Bee Vineyards.

September 17-18 — Harvest Festival:  Friday is Swinging in the Vines; Saturday includes 5K and 10K races as well as the Harvest Parade.



May 3, 2021 Meeting Highlights

First Special Meeting — ELECTION  RESULTS

Ellen Knoernschild – 36 votes,  Kathryn Frazier – 14 votes,  Joe Buchheit – 37 votes,  Laura Miller – 29 votes.    Knoernschild, Buchheit, and Miller were sworn in as Trustees of the Town of Augusta and took the Oath of Office.

Second Special Meeting — JOB  POSITIONS  CHOSEN

Bob Hofer – Chairman,  Ellen Knoernschild – Treasurer,  Laura Miller –  Town Clerk,  Joe Buchheit – Director of Public Works, and  Rick Barton – Collector, Secretary, and Notary

Regular Meeting — TOWN  BUSINESS

  • Fee changes approved.  Conditional Use permits went from $100 to $500.  A change in zoning went from $150 to $1,000.
  • An amendment to Zoning Ordinance 93-1 was recommended.  It would add the definition of any place of business with retail sales of any fuel for motorized vehicles by gas pumps or other devices.  A majority of hands voted at the meeting to have a gas station in the Town of Augusta by adding the definition and being under Conditional Use.   Zoning districts and other regulations respecting the use of  land within the Town of Augusta, and establishing a Board of Adjustments to review decisions respecting said regulations was approved as Bill 2021-03.


  • Collector:    – EFF March collections of $344.30    -two land use permits @$50
  • Public Works:    -Two hazardous trees were taken down with a tree service cost of $1,000.00    -Schedule Town & Country for weed spraying up to $1,100.    –Potholes need patching.    -Discussion on Town recycle bin.  Further research is needed.    -Additional $1,000 approved for striping lines and cross bars.    -Joe Buchheit presented a painting for the Phase I remodel of the Augusta Visitors Center.
  • Farm:  Ronnie Backhaus started planting corn this week.
  • Zoning:  -Land Use Permit for Crossroad Construction at 5595 Walnut Street.    -Land Use Permit at 2201 Farm House Lane by DBA Jim Reed Construction.
  • History & Museum:    Plant sale May 15.
  • Chamber Report:    –Plein Air had a record year.    -Planning is in progress for the Harvest Festival.


  • May 8, Saturday — Rabies Vaccination Clinic for dogs and cats (call 636-239-2745 for information).
  • May 15, Saturday — Plant Sale noon to 4 pm at the History Museum
  • May 31, Monday — “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest entry deadline.
  • September 17-18 — Harvest Festival:  Friday is Swinging in the Vines; Saturday is Festival of the Streets with a parade and races.

April 5, 2021 Meeting Highlights


  • $18,000.00 received at part of the Covid relief program awarded to municipalities in St. Charles County.
  • Citizens voiced their opinions about the fence at the Augusta Cemetery and along Highway 94.
  • New Augusta Post Office lease approved.
  • Gardening funds ($1,500.00) for the History Museum and Augusta Library approved.
  • MOWING BIDS approved
  •                   Bill Harrison            Town Park      $210.00            Ball Field           $152.00
  •                   Paul Carmen            Library             $ 70.00             Visitor Center   $ 30.00
  •                   Trei Irwin                 Town Square   $ 55.00


  • Collector:    –February collections of $18.60.    – St. Charles County Finance deposited $18,000.00.
  • Public Works:    –Pothole patching and sidewalk repair updates.    -Still checking on the mailbox situation.          -Approved up to $700 for the street sweeper.    -Approved up to $3,000 for street striping.    -Approved up to $2,000 for tree removal at High Street.    -The second sidewalk grant was approved.


  • April 6, Tuesday — Election to Vote for three Town Board member positions with four people on the ballot:   *Ellen Knoernschild, *Kathryn Frazier, *Joe Buchheit, and Laura Miller.  (* indicates an incumbent)
  • April 12,, Monday — Bulk Trash pickup for Town residents
  • April 16, Friday — St. Charles County Tourism meeting
  • April 22 – May 1 — The Plein Air Art Festival provides organized opportunities for registered artists to paint in the area to the final sales in Augusta on May 1.
  • April 24, Saturday —  Garden Planting at the History Museum
  • April 27 + 29 — Viewing of Artwork at Harmonie Verein.
  • May 8, Saturday — Rabies Vaccination Clinic for dogs and cats (call 636-239-2745 for information).
  • May 31, Monday — “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest entry deadline.
  • September 17-18 — Harvest Festival:  Friday is Swinging in the Vines; Saturday is Festival of the Streets with a parade and races.