Town Board Meeting December 11, 2023

The official Town Board minutes are here and in the Augusta Library.

Minutes December 11, 2023

Town of Augusta, Missouri

Dan Kemner Building

Trustees Present:

Joe Buchheit                   Chairman

Ellen Knoernschild         Treasurer

Laura Miller                   Clerk

Randal Oaks           Public Works (not present)

Rick Barton                    Secretary/Collector/Notary

Citizens Present: 15

Town Board meeting called to order at 7:00pm


1.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to accept the 11/6/2023 Minutes as presented.

1.2   Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

  1. Treasurer’s and Budget Report: 11/30/2023

2.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to accept the Treasurer’s and Budget report for 11/30/2023 as presented.

2.2   Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

  1. Checks: 12274 – 12309

3.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to approve checks 12274 – 12309 as written.

3.2   Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

  1. Collector’s Report:

4.1   ck 1681 $200 Mike & Vicki Gwinn Short Term Rental.

4.2   ck 1069 $25 2024 Bus Lic Botanical Tea Room

4.3   ck 30610 $50 California Decks L.U.P 2023-03

4.4   ck 1103 $50 Augusta Homestead L.U.P

4.5   Eff 11/14/2023 $92.54 October collections

  1. Public Works:

5.1   Irrigation and electric installation at the Town Square completed.

5.2   Broken window at the Town Hall repaired.

Committee Reports:

  1. Zoning and Planning:

6.1   121 Walnut St H.S. Clay Conditional Use Permit. Zoning Commission recommended approval for Permit Application.

6.2   Motion made by Rick Barton to approve C.U.P Application 2023-05 at 121 Walnut H.S. Clay.

6.3   Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

6.4   Board of Adjustment meeting Dec 19th for 295 Lower Street of Augusta.

  1. Chamber of Commerce:

        7.1   Christmas Walk on the 1st & 8th of Dec went well.

        7.2   Chamber Brainstorming Ideas Jan 15th.

        7.3   Christmas Social Dec 18th

        7.4   Wandering Owl sales were 53% increase over last years sales.

  1. Parks Committee: no report
  2. Farm Report: no report
  3. Museum Report:

10.1 Decorating for Christmas Walk

10.2 Broken shutter on the front side of Museum needs to be repaired.

  1. Tree Committee Report: no report
  2. Open to Citizens:

12.1 Penelope Woodhouse had a lengthy and informative discussion about a Land Use Permit for a Green House structure on their property.

  1. Old Business: no updates
  2. New Business:

14.1 Introduction of Bill for Farm Contract with Backhaus Bros for 3yr Contract read by Title.

14.2 Clerk assigned Bill 2023-13.

14.3 Bill 2023-13 read by Title 2nd reading.

14.4 Motion made by Rick Barton to accept Bill 2023-13 as Ordinance 2023-13.

14.5 Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

14.6 Introduction of Resolution 2023-02 Board of Trustees Ballot for 2 Positions on April 2, 2024 Election.

14.7 Motion made by Rick Barton to accept Resolution 2023-02.

14.8 Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

14.9 Introduction of Resolution 2023-01 to Accept Actual Amounts as Budgeted Amounts Sept 2022 thru Aug 2023.

14.10 Motion made by Rick Barton to accept Resolution 2023-01.

14.11 Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

14.12 Motion made by Joe Buchheit to approve $1200 for Alan & Kathryn Frazier for sidewalk grant easement.

14.13 Seconded by Rick Barton and approved.

14.14 Gay Eskew report:


The Town Board donated the prizes to the winners.

FIRST PLACE —  “Fantastic Brilliant Photo”  by Ryker Niederholtmeyer of Marthasville, MO  —  Prize of $30.00

SECOND PLACE —  “Sunset”  by Wesley Bierbaum of Augusta, MO  —  Prize of #25.00

THIRD PLACE —   “Cloud Kingdom”  by Maddox Brockmann of Augusta, MO  —  Prize of $20.00

Winning photos are on the Town website:

They are also at the Augusta Library as 8 x 10’s on display in the back room.

The December Boone Country Connection has an article about them and the photos in black & white.

A traveling display board with all of the photos entered in the contest is currently at Augusta Elementary School, and will be coming to the library soon.

Mrs. Sarah Bayless (the art teacher), Mrs. Mary Robertson (the principal), and Ms. Gay Eskew (the photo contest facilitator) presented envelopes to the 3 winners at an assembly on Friday, November 17 at Augusta Elementary.  We also recognized everyone who entered the contest.  Each student received a letter sharing the positives of their photo.  There were two entries from students who attend other schools.

Thanks to the twenty photographers, age 12 & under, who chose to submit an entry.

Congratulations to the winners:       Ryker !       Wesley !       Maddox !


The website is coming along.  Jo Ann Milster is focusing on the agendas for the Town Meeting.

Gay Eskew is handling the rest of the website.  We are putting together an Events page with various photographs of the Town events.  If you have a town event photo you would like to share, please email it to:

  1. Meeting adjourned at 8:39pm. Next meeting 1/8/2024 at 7:00pm

Respectfully Submitted:

Richard J. Barton