Town Board Meeting – March 11, 2024

Minutes March 11, 2024
Town of Augusta, Missouri
Dan Kemner Building
Trustees Present:
Joe Buchheit     Chairman
Ellen Knoernschild  Treasurer
Laura Miller Clerk
Randal Oaks        Public Works
Rick Barton     Secretary/Collector/Notary
Citizens Present: 22
Town Board meeting called to order at 7:00pm
1. Minutes: 2/05/2024
1.1Motion made by Rick Barton to accept the 2/05/24 Minutes as presented.
  1.2 Seconded by Randal Oaks and approved.
2. Treasurer’s and Budget Report: 2/29/2024
2.1Motion made by Rick Barton to accept the Treasurer’s & Budget report for 2/29/2024 as presented.
2.2 Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.
3. Checks: 12390 – 12427
3.1Motion made by Rick Barton to approve checks 12390 – 12427 as written.
  3.2 Seconded by Randal Oaks and approved.
4. Collector’s Report:
4.1Eff 2-29-24 $38.66 2023 Tax season earned interest
4.2ck 2028 $10 Sign Permit s2024-01 Holy Grail
4.3ck 10129 $500 C.U.P Ashley Hesjedal
4.4ck 505 $25 Bus Lic Red Brick Inn
4.5ck 10016 $100 Rockwood Asset Mgmt 6 LLC
4.6ck 1077 $25 Bus Lic Honey Bee Vineyard
4.7ck 2644 $25 Bus Lic Root Hospitality
4.8ck 1029 $25 Bus Lic Holy Grail Winery
4.9ck 1018 $25 Bus Lic Honeyridge Hideaway
4.10ck 1513 $50 Bus Lic Ozark Hospitality/HS Clay
4.11ck 10128 $25 Bus Lic Rune Holdings LLC
4.12 ck 1893 $25 Bus Lic Mt Pleasant Winery
4.13 ck 3080 $25 Bus Lic Hoffman Gator Tours
4.14 ck 3090 $25 Bus Lic Hoffman Gas Station
4.15 ck 3152 $25 Bus Lic Augusta Clothing Store
4.16 ck 1330 $25 Bus Lic Hoffman Augusta Gallery
4.17 ck 2278 $25 Bus Lic The Emporium
4.18 ck 2277 $50 Bus Lic Augusta Wine Co. & Beer Garden.
4.19 ck 3074 $50 Bus Lic Hoffman Guest Homes
4.20 ck 1078 $200 STR Honey Bee Vineyard LLC
4.21 ck 1060 $200 STR The Cottage LLC
5. Public Works:
5.1There was an unusually high water bill for excess water usage in question.
5.2Motion made by Rick Barton to approve $788 in addition to the already approved $1000 for the Post Office door repair.
5.3Seconded by Randal Oaks and approved.
5.4Mowing bids read and accepted.
5.5Motion made by Rick Barton to accept Bill Harrison’s mowing bid for City Park of $235, Library of $70, Common ground of $62, Visitors Center of $40, Ballfield and Parking Area of $175 and extra work hourly rate of $50 an hour.
5.6Seconded by Randal Oaks and approved.
Committee Reports:
6. Zoning and Planning:
6.1Conditional Use Permit c2024-01
6.2Motion made by Rick Barton to approve C.U.P 2024-01 at 162 Jackson St.
6.3Seconded by Randal Oaks and approved.
6.4Motion made by Rick Barton to approve Sign Permit s2024-01 at 5506 Locust.
6.5Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.
7. Chamber of Commerce:
7.165 Artist signed up for Plein Air event.
7.2Chamber meeting 3/12
7.3Wandering Owl opening on April 5th
7.4Working on AVA Celebration for June
7.5Street closures will be approved in April
8. Parks Committee: no report
9.Farm Report: no report
10. Museum Report:
10.1Garden work in progress
10.2Museum meeting March 14th
10.3Museum open Sunday May 4th
10.4Tell it “Like it Was” by Vic & Ruth Ann Brown
11. Tree Committee Report: no report
12. Old Business:
12.1 Side Walk Grand update given.
13. New Business:
13.1Bill Introduced to Annex approx 28 acres to the Town of Augusta read by Title Only 1st reading.
13.2Clerk assigns Bill 2024-04.
13.3Bill 2024-04 Annexation to the Town of Augusta read by Title Only 2nd reading.
13.4Motion made by Rick Barton to accept Bill 2024-04 as Ordinance 2024-04.
13.5Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.
13.6Big Trash Day April 8th
13.7Election reminder for April 2nd. Two candidates.
14. Open to Citizens:
14.4 Mike Delay questions on Property Inspections.
14.5 Ginny Mezei discussion on Disaster Plan
This contest focuses on what makes Augusta unique.  What photos would make awesome postcards to showcase the Town of Augusta?
Photographers are checking out the unique aspects of Augusta.
One prize includes a $25.00 gift certificate from Halcyon Spa.  Would the Town be willing to donate a $25.00 cash prize?
A contest entry form and one printed photograph can be mailed to the Town PO Box 42 anytime in April and received by May 6th.
Each postcard will recognize the photographer; and in the possibility of more than one photograph per postcard, all of the photographers that contributed to the postcard will be identified.
There will be up to 4 postcards printed.  The goal is have them ready for sale by the September Harvest Festival.
I am looking for individuals to help sponsor a stipend for postcard type photographs that have been accepted for printing.
Our desire is to “invite” visitors to the Town of Augusta through postcards
15. Meeting adjourned at 8:21pm. Next meeting 5/6/2024 at 6:30pm
Respectfully Submitted:
Richard J. Barton