Town Board Meeting – January 8, 2024

Minutes January 8, 2024

Town of Augusta, Missouri

Dan Kemner Building

Trustees Present:

Joe Buchheit                   Chairman

Ellen Knoernschild         Treasurer

Laura Miller                   Clerk

Randal Oaks           Public Works

Rick Barton                    Secretary/Collector/Notary

Citizens Present:

Town Board meeting called to order at 7:00pm

  1. Minutes: 12/11/2023

1.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to accept the 12/11/2023 Minutes w/correction as presented.

1.2   Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

  1. Treasurer’s and Budget Report: 12/31/2023

2.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to accept the Treasurer’s and Budget report for 12/31/2023.

2.2   Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

  1. Checks: 12310 – 12350

3.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to approve checks 12310 – 12350 as written.

3.2   Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

  1. Collector’s Report:

4.1 Eff 12/14/23 $1000 1st Advance on Dec 2023 collections.

4.2 Eff 12/21/23 $6600 2nd Advance on Dec 2023 collections.

4.3 Eff 12/28/23 $1400 3rd Advance on Dec 2023 collections.

4.4 Ck 31523 $25 Bus Lic Centennial Farm 2024

Public Works:

5.1 Randal Oaks gave updates on the Town Square renovation and improvements that were made and still in progress.

5.2 Don Simon gave his updates on the Town Square improvements that were made and still in progress.

Committee Reports:

  1. Zoning and Planning:

6.1 Board of Adjustment Hearing for 295 Lower St on Feb 6, 2024. The purpose of the hearing is to hear an appeal of the Zoning Commission denial of a Land Use Permit Application 2024-01 regarding a fence at 295 Lower St.

Chamber of Commerce:

        7.1 Chamber update will be given in February

 Parks Committee: NO REPORT

  1. Farm Report: NO REPORT

Museum Report:

10.1 Tell it like it was had to be cancelled and will be rescheduled.

  1. Tree Committee Report: NO REPORT
  2. Open to Citizens:

12.1 Ashley Hesjedal submitted a nice letter and read it to the Town Board and citizens that were present. She stated that she was 20 years old when she and her family moved here to Augusta. How she wanted to be part of the community and some day own her owned her home for over 10 years. Ashley has gone through a difficult process with the CUP and STR. A copy of Ashley’s letter is retained in the Town Hall Office.

  1. Old Business: No Updates
  2. New Business:

14.1 Gay Eskew report:  Photo Contest —  This year there will be a focus on putting together 2-4 postcards for sale for the Town of Augusta.  A Contest in the early Spring will be held.  A committee will review the submissions for postcard quality photos.  Several ideas for the photographs are one for all seasons with the Plein Air in the spring, possibly the community tailgates for the summer, the Harvest Festival for autumn, and the Christmas Walk for the winter; one with the Harmonie Verein gazebo; one with the entrance structure on Jackson & 94; one with the Town Square Park after it is finished and the entryway is up; and any other suggestions?  (An article was submitted to the Boone County Connection.)  We will have prizes by several of the Town businesses for the photo contests.  For the photographers submitting a postcard photo, what do you think about having an extra stipend for those that are chosen?

Website —  Nothing new.  Who won the house and yard decorating contest?  I’m assuming Jane Fuhr on Main Street was first; second and third places???

How about the gingerbread house contest for the kids???

  1. Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm. Next meeting 2/5/2024 at 7:00pm

Respectfully Submitted:

Richard J. Barton