July 6, 2020 Meeting Minutes HIghlights

  • ELECTION RESULTSRichard Barton and Bob Hofer were both re-elected to the Augusta Town Board.  All members continue with their same responsibilites.
  • St. Charles County certified the property tax rolls as of July 1, 2020.
  • Public Works:   —An additional $1,000 was approved from the original $1,000 for the right-of-way brush clean up and removal.  —Approved $3,000 for grant application.  —Approved up to $750 for PWSD repairs at Hackman and Lower.   —Approved $2,700 for a title search on seven Town of Augusta properties for the sidewalk grant.  —Approved street closure route maps for the Harvest Festival’s 5K run and parade, which was presented by  Ken Campbell.
  • Farm:  The Town received the first payment on the Bottom Land Farm contract.  It is up in August.
  • Cemetery:  The committee is still looking for a sexton.
  • Chamber:  —70 artists signed up for the September Plein Air.  —Meetings planned for the Christmas Walk (7/14), the GACC (7/20) and the St. Charles Tourism Board (7/17 at 1 pm at the Harmonie Verein) to receive input from the community of Augusta residents and business owners about their ideas on how to increase tourism.
  • The signage barrels adoption program by local businesses was very successful.  The Town Board approved spending of up to $40 per barrel per season for decorations.

June 1, 2020 Meeting Highlights

  • Election rescheduled for June 2, 2020 postponed from April 7, 2020.  Two candidates for the Town Board are on the ballot:  Richard Barton and Robert Hofer.
  • Public Works:  —Plan to remove dead trees and branches at the Town Park was approved for up to $2.000.        —Plan to clean up the right-of-way was approved, spending up to $1,000.  —Kathryn Frazier will research grants and bond proposals for Walnut Street repair and paving project.
  • Other committees:  —Farm contract expires in August.  —Cemetery sexton extended to Jim Reed until July.
  • Museum Report:  Kathryn Frazier presented a drawing of the History Museum addition.  Greg Nadler is researching costs for an estimate. Museum garden flowers are planted.  No future events are planned.
  • Greater Augusta Chamber of Commerce:  —Plein Air scheduled September 19 with 70 artists signed up.  Swinging in the Vines is September 18.  AVA celebration is on hold until next year.  Candlelight Christmas Walk is in the planning stages.  Harmonie Verein Halloween plans are in progress.  All four websites (Greater Augusta Chamber of Commerce, Town of Augusta, Augusta Heritage Foundation, and Harmonie Verein) are on the same server with the event calendars linked.
  • Information about the Harvest Festival on September 19 was presented by Ken Campbell.  The Town approved the use of their tent by the Chamber for the Harvest Festival.
  • The veterinary clinic sponsored by the Town from Washington went well.  There were 41 animal participants who received routine care.  This was up 10 from last year.
  • “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest is on hold until further notice.
  • Bob Hofer was presented an Award of Appreciation by Kathryn Frazier and the Town Board.

May 4, 2020 Meeting HIghlights

* Joe Buchheit appointed as a Trustee to the Augusta Town Board. The oath of office was admininstered by Bob Hofer.
* April 7 election rescheduled to June 2.
* The 40th Anniversary of the Augusta Viticultural Association (AVA) is scheduled for June 20. Motion made and approved to spend up to $1500 for music and entertainment.
* Sign permit for the new business, Kickstand, which is at the Katy Trail, was approved.
* Farm Report — Hellebush is currently plowing and planting the rented land.
* The Town Board is in search for a cemetery sexton to replace Jim Reed who submitted his resignation.
* Map layout of the museum garden plan was presented by Ellen Knoernschild.
* A motion was made and approved to spend up to $500 for improvements to the Town Square.