May 4, 2020 Meeting HIghlights

* Joe Buchheit appointed as a Trustee to the Augusta Town Board. The oath of office was admininstered by Bob Hofer.
* April 7 election rescheduled to June 2.
* The 40th Anniversary of the Augusta Viticultural Association (AVA) is scheduled for June 20. Motion made and approved to spend up to $1500 for music and entertainment.
* Sign permit for the new business, Kickstand, which is at the Katy Trail, was approved.
* Farm Report — Hellebush is currently plowing and planting the rented land.
* The Town Board is in search for a cemetery sexton to replace Jim Reed who submitted his resignation.
* Map layout of the museum garden plan was presented by Ellen Knoernschild.
* A motion was made and approved to spend up to $500 for improvements to the Town Square.

April 6, 2020 Meeting Highlights

* Election postponed from April 7 to June 2.
* Plein Air postponed until September.
* Mowing bids accepted and approved. Bill Harrison: Town Park and History Museum $210/cut; Ball field $152/cut.
Paul Carmon: Library $70/cut; Visitor’s Center $30/cut. Trei Irwin: Town Square $55/cut.
Ken Campbell: $25/hour for extra maintenance such as weed-eating and cleaning.
* Bob Hofer nominated Joe Buchheit to fill in the vacant Public Works position on the Board of Trustees to be effective on May 4, 2020. The Board approved the appointment.

February 3, 2020 Meeting Highlights

  • Two signed up for trustees on the Town Board.  Robert Hofer and Rick Barton are on the ballot.
  • The 2019 Actual Budget Report, modified from the 2019 Budget for the Town of Augusta fiscal year, was presented by Treasurer Ellen Knooernschild.  It was approved.
  • PUBLIC WORKS:  —-Bob Hofer and PWSD Chris Horvath met about the work being done on Hackman and Lower.  —-A contract for Cochran Engineering was accepted and approved for Professional Services.  —-Portable toilet moved to Ferry St. by the Post Office.
  • Chamber of Commerce:  —-Voted to move forward with website changes for the Augusta Heritage Foundation.  —-Christmas Walk was profitable this year.  —-Plein Air headquarters will be in the Harmonie Verein with 66 artists already signed up.  —-The anniversary of the American Vitaculture Association will be celebrated in June.  —-Still searching for a marketing person.
  • Sign permit approved for the Harmonie Verein.  Library sign needs repair.
  • COLLECTOR’S REPORT: —-Received $4,539.05 on 01-15-20 as the final distribution of December 2019.  On 01-21-20 $1,186.44 was received from RRUT 2019.
  • Motion made and approved to move forward with the new website plan for the Town of Augusta.