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 Our mission is to develop a love for taking pictures, supplying tips for excellent photos, and showcasing our unique Town of Augusta.

What is unique in the Town of Augusta?  What type of perspective will enhance the view or a unique place in Town?  What comprises the “heart of Augusta”?

                  What catches your eye?  What’s new to you?  Is there something special in the Town?  Be creative in taking a shot of something ordinary.   

  • Take pictures in the town limits of Augusta.
  • Tell a story.

                     Shoot photos on an event, a view, a building, an animal/plant unique to Augusta, or something similar.  Composition quality is as important as is picture clarity.  One standout distinction for an excellent photograph is whether or not someone desires to take a second glance, or a third.                           The new year of 2023 reintroduces a Teen/Adult Contest and an All Ages Contest.  The popular, consistent entries in the KIDS’ “BEST OF AUGUSTA” PHOTO CONTEST will be moved to October.


  • TEEN / ADULT CONTEST focuses on the Harvest Festival events:  Deadline is September 30.  (A “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest table will be by the Wandering Owl on Saturday, September 16.  Photos may be printed and the contest entered immediately.  The nominal fee is $2.00 cash.)
  • Kids 12 & under:  Deadline is October 31, 2023.
  • (Completed) All AGES CONTEST focuses on the Plein Air Festival events in Augusta.
Augusta Winery:  Wine Tasting for 10 with information on the wines.  A charcuterie tray is included.
Stone Ledge Antiques:  $25.00 Gift Certificate

OCTOBER 2023 PRIZES for Kids 12 & under “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest

3 cash prizes from the Town Board ($30, $25, and $20)

  • The Uniqueness of Augusta with Creative Composition, Use of Light, and Clarity
  • Photos judged by local artists and photographers


Send in one 4 x 6 photo taken in Town (print and complete the entry form below).  Meanwhile, if you are in Augusta, you may pick up entry forms 24 hours a day from the Post Office foyer or the Wandering Owl/Augusta Gifts & Visitor Info entryway by the Town Square.


MAIL ENTRIES (4×6 photo and completed form) TO:
“Best of Augusta” Photo Contest
PO Box 42
Augusta, MO 63332