IMG 7102 YsEXFc.tmp Our mission is to develop a love for taking pictures, supplying tips for excellent photos, and showcasing our unique Town of Augusta.

Winners’ photographs will be featured in the Winner’s Gallery after the contest ends, along with prize-winning photographs from prior years.


  • Kids 12 & under: September 30, 2021
  • Adults & Teens: October 31, 2021

SEPTEMBER PRIZES for Kids 12 & under “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest

  • First Prize:  $30.00 cash/check
  • Runner Up Prize:  $25.00 cash/check
  • Prize:  $20.00 cash/check
OCTOBER PRIZES for Adults & Teens
*  Stone Ledge Antiques — $25 Gift Certificate
*  Quaint, Cozy & Quiet Airbnb — $25 Gift Certificate to a Town Business

2021 THEME for September and October – “What’s Up in Augusta?”

What’s new?  NEW BEGINNINGS is the preferred category for both the KIDS’ “BEST OF AUGUSTA” PHOTO CONTEST in September and the adult/teen contest in October.

Take creative photos of one of the new businesses in Augusta, of a new paint job or a newly noticed barn quilt, of beautiful autumn colors, of freshly picked produce such as pumpkins, of new memories on the Katy Trail, of the new statues around Town, of new floats in the Harvest Festival parade, and anything else that reflects the newness of nature or manmade newness.  All photos with Anything in Augusta are accepted.

  • Take pictures in or very close to the town limits of Augusta
  • Tell a story


  • Creativity, Composition, Clarity, and Uniqueness of Augusta
  • Photos judged by local artists and photographers


Send in one 4 x 6 photo taken in Town with THIS FORM  (print and complete, or fill in the form below and it will be emailed to you for printing).

“Best of Augusta” Photo Contest
PO Box 42
Augusta, MO 63332

Photo Contest Entry Form
Fill all fields except signatures. This form will be emailed to you. Then you may print it, sign it and include with your mailed photo submission.
where your photo was taken
City, State and ZIP
no formatting please
This form will be emailed to you so that you can print it and sign at that time.
This form will be emailed to you so that you can print it and sign at that time.