October 10, 2022 Town Board Meeting Minutes Highlights

REGULAR TOWN BOARD MEETING — October 10, 2022  (7:00 – 8:03 pm)

All 4 current Trustees present.

New Business:

1.)  Mt. Pleasant Winery drain discussion held. Jan Mallinckrodt voiced concerns about having to drive through Waste from the drain and awful smell. Joe Buchheit has been in contact with owners of the winery and measures are in process to take care of the situation.

2.)  Motion made and seconded to approve up to $10,000 for playground equipment.

3.)  KIDS’ “BEST OF AUGUSTA” PHOTO CONTEST:  There are 31 entries;  one mail-in and 30 from Augusta Elementary.  They are currently being judged with Lois Barton in charge.  The competition is fierce for 3 cash prizes.  May the best photos stand out as exemplary.  The November Boone Country Connection will display the winning photos with an article.

4.)  Moratorium Discussion held.  The Short Term Rental Moratorium is in effect until January 10, 2023. Final paperwork has to be sent to our Attorney for final review for approval.

Old Business

1.)  Miss Augusta is now operating and floating the Missouri River from the newly built Klondike dock.

2.)  New Coffee Shop now open for business.

Open to Citizens:

1.)  Butch Mays presented a Blood Drive flyer for 10/27/2022 from 1-6pm at the Augusta Fire House.

2.) Brandon Burdick asked questions about the Moratorium. Discussion followed.


Treasurer’s Report:

1.)  Treasurer’s Report and check expenditures were approved.


1.)  Eff 9-15-22:  $103.74 for August monthly collections.

2.)  Received Tax Rate Certification Letter 9-30-2022.

Public Works:

1.)  Received 1 bid for $2500 to paint the History Museum roof from John Wells. This will be discussed at the next meeting.


Zoning & Planning: 

1.)  Shaeffer Conditional Use Permit Application withdrawn and Oct 4th hearing cancelled.

2.)  Hearing with Board of Adjustments set for November 2nd for Harmonie Verein addition at 5333 Hackman Rd.

History & Museum:  No report submitted

Chamber of Commerce:  

1.)  Christmas Decorating set for Nov 13th

2.)  Chamber has in holding $15,000 so far for playground equipment.

3.)  Harvest Festival went very well. Good turnout.

Farm Report:

1.)  Backhaus Bros Farm payment of $41,055 is paid in full.

Tree Committee:  No report submitted

Parks Committee:  No report submitted

Cemetery Committee:  No report submitted


October 31, 2022                     Town Halloween Activities 

November 7, 2022                   Town Board Meeting  6:30 pm

November 13, 2022                 Christmas Decorating

December 2 & 9, 2022            Christmas Walk