July 11, 2022 Town Board Meeting Highlights


REGULAR TOWN BOARD MEETING  (Old & New Business; Open to Citizens)

All 4 current Trustees presentCitizens present:  24.

New Business:

1.)  Letter to be sent out to Town residents in search of an additional Town Board member.

Old Business:    (No updates.)

Open to Citizens:     

1.)  Discussion with John Fuhr on cutting grass and weeds on Chestnut and Jackson St off the street right of way and the Town will maintain grass and weeds in the street right of way.


Treasurer’s Report:

1.)  Treasurer’s Report and check expenditures were approved.

2.)  Town Asset Report was given by Ellen Knoernschild.


1.)  Eff 6-15-22:  $122.86 for May 2022 collections.

2.)  Sign Permits (@$10.00) for 3 properties with Ziglin Signs.

Public Works:

1.)  The Extension of the Moratorium ordinance was introduced as a bill.  It went through the process of being read in full at the first reading, read by title only for the second reading, voted on and approved as Ordinance 2022-06.

2.)  The Board approved an additional $5,000 for tree removal.

Farm Report:

1.)  Levee repairs have begun.

2.)  Crops are growing good.

Zoning & Planning

1.)  Sign Permits 22-11, 22-12, 22-13, and 22-14 are on hold.  The Board recommended that they install either the blade style sign or the flat style sign, not both.  Sign Permit 22-03 for 233 Jackson Street was approved.

2.)  LATEST UPDATE:  The Public hearings on July 12 and July 19 for Rezoning 255 Washington Street were cancelled because the applicant withdrew their application.

3.)  Discussion concerning the 6 Board of Adjustment members [John Krakowski, Dave Schrader, Kelly Dolan, Eric Gargari and Chris Coleman (alternate)] was held.  Everything is on hold until term expirations are determined.


History & Museum

1.)  Windows need replacing at the History Museum.

Chamber of Commerce:

1.)  Christmas Walk Committee met and discussed the event.  Christmas Trivia night on December 10.

2.)  Harvest Festival begins September 16 with Swingin’ in the Vines and additional activities on September 17.

3.)  Harmonie Verein Tailgate July 21st.

Other Committees:

Parks Committee: Emily Lochirco

8.1   Committee is holding meetings to coordinate priorities for the Parks.

8.2   Suggestions for putting a pavilion on half of the basketball court.

8.3   Suggestions for new picnic tables.

Cemetery Committee:

1.)  Jan Mallinckrodt was nominated and approved to serve on the Cemetery Committee.

“Best of Augusta” Photo Contest:

1.)  Kids’ 12 and under Photo Contest is coming up in September.  Cash / check prizes from the Town are First Place: $30.00Second Place:  $25.00, and Third Place:  $20.00.



August 1, 2022                        Next Town Board meeting at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall

August 18, 2022                      Harmonie Verien Tailgate with music and food

September 16-17, 2022          Swinging in the Vines and the Augusta Harvest Festival

September 30, 2022               Kids’ “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest deadline