April 3, 2023 Town Meeting Highlights

All 5 Trustees Present                     Citizens Present: 14

Town of Augusta Calendar of Events

April 4 (Tuesday) 6 am – 7 pm        Election Day — VOTE      New Polling Place:  St. Paul UCC in Defiance

April 11 (Tuesday) 6:30 pm             Tell It Like It Was by Jan Mallinckrodt and Jennifer Speckhard

April 17 (Monday)                             Augusta Bulk Item Pick-up

April 20 – 29 (Thursday – Saturday)  Plein Air Art Festival – check out:  https://www.augustapleinair.com/events/category/2023-plein-air/                                                                                                April 29 (Saturday)       11:30 am  Award Presentations;     12 – 5 pm   Final Sale for Artists’ Paintings

May 1 (Monday)             6:30 pm   Election Results          7:00 pm  Regular Town Board Meeting 

May 13 (Saturday) 12 – 1 pm          Spring Vaccination Clinic for Dogs and Cats, Old Augusta Firehouse (for more information check out “EVENTS” on the website or call 636-239-2745)

May 15 (Monday)                              Mail-in Deadline for “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest for ALL AGES



*  The Spring Augusta Bulk Trash Pick-Up is scheduled for April 17, 2023.

*  Three Town Board candidates are on the ballot for the April 4 election:  Joe Buchheit, Ellen Knoernschild, and Laura Miller.  Vote in Defiance at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ.

*  The lease between the Greater Augusta Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Augusta at the Visitor’s Center was presented, discussed, and approved for renewal.  There was an increase in the monthly rent from $200 – $300.

The Donation from Friends of Augusta to the History Museum was read by title only (it was on the Town website for viewing) and went through the process to be approved.

*  Conditional Use Permit for 5593 Chestnut was approved.

*  Rezoning from Commercial to Residential at 5501 Locust was approved.

*  Deck was built behind the White House Cafe’ with tables and chairs set up.


Potholes are being repaired.  Randall Oaks had an illustration outlining the potholes to be repaired.  More asphalt needs to be ordered.  Thanks to Tom Whelan for volunteering to assist with the pothole repairs.

Street sweeper starts cleaning the town streets on April 5th.

*  Before anything can be done with the mailboxes behind the Post Office, the mailbox owners need to be contacted.  Randall Oaks received a quote for $800 from Town & Country for a 18 mailbox cedar frame.  The mailboxes are not included.


*  Randall Oaks presented diagrams of new ideas for the playground.

* Parts of the playground are expected to be completed by the September Harvest Festival.


* The April 29th Request for street closures on Walnut from Public to Jackson from 8 am – 5 pm was approved.

 * There are 78 assigned booths and a food truck available for the event.


*  Museum will be open April 23 from 12 – 4 pm.

*  Museum now has a WiFi hotspot installed.

Tell It Like It Was this month is hosted by Jan Mallinckrodt.

*  One of the shutters needs repair.  Damage was caused by high winds.


* Three sign permit applications were denied:  2 for the Hostel and 1 for the Kickstand.  The denials can be submitted to the Board of Appeals.

OPEN TO CITIZENS                                                     

* Don Simon discussed reinstating the Land Use Permit for the Hostel.

Town Website and Photo Contest report  by Gay Eskew:

Best of Augusta” Photo Contest scheduled deadline is May 15, 2023.  It is for all ages; anyone that can hold a camera.  Additional information is on the town website under “Photo Contests.”  Publicity for this contest is in the Boone Country Connection, through word of mouth, and notification of previous winners and entrants.  It will also be on the website and some simple posters will be printed up and distributed around Augusta.  Prizes are from Halcyon Spa and Quaint, Cozy & Quiet Airbnb.  Entry forms may be obtained on the website:  www.townofaugustamo.org.

The Town Website only has Events listed that are within the Augusta town limits.  For a complete listing of all of the Plein Air events, including those outside of Town, please go to the Plein Air website.


*  Report was approved.  Checks were approved.

Total Income & Sales Tax Revenue submitted by Ellen Knoernschild.

Capitol Improvement report submitted by Ellen Knoernschild.


* Eff 3-15-23 $433.50 Feb Collections

*  1 Short Term Rental Application ($200) Indian Creek Capital

* 16 Business Licenses (@ $25) for Halcyon (2), Augusta Glass Studio, Mike Delay, Hoffman Augusta Gallery, Hoffman Gas Station, Gator Tours, Mount Pleasant Winery, Kickstand, Augusta Winery, Augusta Wine & Beer Garden, Augusta Emporium, Augusta Clothing Store, and Hoffman Community Collective (3)

FARM REPORT  none submitted

TREE COMMITTEE REPORT:  none submitted


Complete Town Board Meeting Minutes are in the Augusta Library.