June 6, 2022 Meeting Minutes Highlights


          Town Trustee duties assigned and approved as follows:

                     Joe Buchheit                  Acting Chairman

                     Ellen Knoernschild      Treasurer

                     Joe Buchheit                   Director Public Works

                     Laura Miller                    Clerk

                     Rick Barton                     Secretary/Collector/Notary


REGULAR TOWN BOARD MEETING  (Old & New Business; Open to Citizens)

All current Trustees presentCitizens present:  22.

New Business:

1.)  The Rezoning of 233 Jackson from R1 Residential to Commercial went through the process of being introduced and read as Bill 2022-05 to being approved as Ordinance 2022-05.

Old Business:    (No Hoffman updates other than discussed.)

Open to Citizens:       (no signups)



Treasurer’s Report:

1.)  Treasurer’s Report and check expenditures were approved.


1.)  EFF 5-16-22 $26.45 for April 2022 collections.

2.)  Sign Permits (@$10.00) for Augusta Clothing, Hoffman Guest Home, Cabins, and Bungalow.

3.) Business Licenses (@$25.00) for submitted for Augusta Bicycle, Emporium, Augusta Winery, and Beer Garden.

Public Works:

1.)  Suggestion was made for a Park Bench or Tree in Memory of the late Town Board Chairman Bob Hofer.

2.)  There are around 7 trees at the City Park that need to be removed due to safety hazard.  The Board approved an allocation of $7,000.

Farm Report:

1.)  Contractor for the Levee repair is set for July.

2.)   Farm fields plowed and seeds sowed ready to grow.

Zoning & Planning

1.)  Sign Permits 22-04, 22-05, 22-07, 22-08, 22-09 and 22-10 were approved.  Sign Permits 22-03 and 22-06 are on hold until work is completed.

2.)  Rezoning Application from R1 Residential to Commercial received for 255 Washington Street.  Public Hearings are scheduled for July 12, 2022 at 7:00pm and on July 19, 2022 at 7:00pm at the Kemner Building.

3.)  Moratorium discussed.

History & Museum

1.)  Historical event held on 6/5/22 at the History Museum.

Chamber of Commerce:

1.)  Plein Air was very successful.  The Plein Air Committee is allocating $3,000 to the Park Account for a total of $7,000 so far.  Plein Air dates for 2023 are Sept 20th – 29th.

2.)  History Museum meeting June 14th at 6:30pm.

3.)  Harmonie Verein Tailgate June 16th.

4.)  Show Me the Music June 18th at Balducci’s.  Tickets are on Chamber and Balducci websites.

5.)  Swinging in the Vines Sept 16th.

6.)  First Christmas Walk meeting July 13th at 6:30pm at the Visitors Center.

Other Committees:

Cemetery Committee:

1.)  The Committee pays tribute to the late Bob Hofer for outstanding dedication; he will be missed.  The Cemetery Committee is looking for a replacement.

“Best of Augusta” Photo Contest:

1.)  Kids’ 12 and under Photo Contest is coming up in September.  Cash / check prizes from the Town are First Place: $30.00Second Place:  $25.00, and Third Place:  $20.00.



August 5, 2022                Next Town Board meeting at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall

September 16, 2022       Swinging in the Vines

September 30, 2022      Kids’ “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest deadline