February 7, 2022 Meeting Highlights

REGULAR TOWN BOARD MEETING  (Old & New Business; Open to Citizens)

New Business

  • Motion made by Bob Hofer to accept the Town of Augusta Zoning Commission recommendation to enact a Moratorium on Vacation Rental Dwellings by Owner.  The process was followed and approved to become Ordinance 2022-02.
  • Business License process has begun.

Old Business

  • Town Directories have been mailed.
  • Still looking for a Parks Committee person.
  • April 5 election material submitted.

Open to Citizens    (no signups)


  • Treasurer’s Report:    –Treasurer’s Report will be given in March.  (The Treasurer was absent.)
  • Collector:    Sign Permit ($15.00) for the Cottage at 215 Jackson St.    –Business Licenses (2 @ $25.00) from Nick Henderson and the Botanical Tea Room.    -Eff 1-25-22 for $1,133.16 from the December 2021 RR & Utility tax.    -Eff 1-14-22 for $10,986.08 from Final Dist tax in December 2021.    –Land Use Permit ($75.00) for 5573 Walnut.
  • Public Works:    –Tree service work completed by Tree Brothers.    -Still waiting on asphalt bids.
  • Farm Report:    No updates.
  •  Zoning & Planning:    –233 Jackson withdrew their application to rezone from Residential to Commercial.    -Motion approved NOT to refund 233 Jackson the rezoning application fee.    -Sign Permit at 215 Jackson approved.
  • History & Museum:    No report.
  • Chamber:    -Visitor’s Center Store opening the 1st week of April.    -Request by Chamber of Commerce to use the Town Hall for Plein Air Judging on April 30, 2022 from 7am to noon.  Town Board approved.
  • Other Committees:    No reports.


First week in April        Augusta Gifts 2022 opening (Visitors’ Center)

April 20 – 30, 2022       PLEIN AIR Art Festival