May 1, 2023 Town Board Meeting Highlights & Event Calendar

Town of Augusta Calendar of Events

May 6 (Saturday)                              History Museum Plant Sale

May 7 (Sunday)  1 – 4 pm                 Open House at the History Museum

May 13 (Saturday) 12 – 1 pm          Spring Vaccination Clinic for Dogs and Cats, Old Augusta Firehouse (for more information check out “EVENTS” on the website or call 636-239-2745)

May 14 (Sunday)                               Happy Mother’s Day!

May 15 (Monday)                              Mail-in Deadline for “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest for ALL AGES

June 3 (Saturday)  9 – noon            Jazz Festival by Tim Kampen at the Harmonie Verien and Augusta Winery 

June 5 (Monday)  7:00 pm             Regular Town Board Meeting

June 9 (Friday)                                 Big Bam Bicycle Race (organized by Todd White)



6:30 pm  Certified Election Results:  3 Town Board positions were open;  3 people ran for office.  Congratulations to Ellen Knoernschild, Laura Miller, and Joe Buchheit on their re-election to the Town Board.

6:45 pm  Organizational Meeting:  Board Members kept their same positions.  Joe Buchheit as chairman; Ellen Knoernschild as treasurer; Laura Miller as Town Clerk; Randal Oaks as Director of Public Works; and Rick Barton as Tax Collector, Secretary, and Notary.  All newly elected Town Board members were duly sworn into office.


  • A possible playground that typifies Augusta’s history of steamboats and railroads was researched and presented by Randal Oaks.  A discussion followed about the uses of the Town Square, the focal point of the community.  A public meeting for input was suggested.  Look for a flyer in the mail for the date and time.
  • The Augusta Library landscaping bid for just under $1,500.00 was accepted.
  • The work of building a retaining wall at the History Museum will begin shortly:  $10,000.00 was allocated and approved.


Additional items are coming soon.