September 12, 2022 Meeting Minutes Highlights


1.)  Motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the General Tax Rate of 0.1716 of $100 per assessed valuation.

2.)  Motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the Lights Tax Rate of 0.0857  of $100 per assessed valuation.


All 4 current Trustees present.  Citizens present:  18.

New Business:

1.)  Block Grant Program Bill 2022-07 went through the process of being read as a bill to being adopted as Ordinance 2022-07.

2.)  Moratorium Bill 2022-09 completed the process of being read as a bill to being adopted as Ordinance 2022-09.

Old Business

1.)  The Coffee Shop is open for business in the Emporium.

Open to Citizens:  no sign-ups


Treasurer’s Report:

1.)  Treasurer’s Report and check expenditures were approved.


1.)  Eff 8-15-22:  $35.74 for July monthly collections.

2.)  Business License (2 @ $25.00) for Augusta Home LLC and Indian Creek Capitol.

3.)  Conditional Use Permit ($500.00) for Bill and Debbie Schaffer

4.)  Land Use Permit ($50.00) for Harmonie Verein.

Public Works:

1.)  Bids given for addressing trees with limbs hanging: 1 bid for $6,700 and 1 bid for $4,200.  Placed on hold.

2.)  Motion made to approve the Bid for $900 to remove a dead tree at Jeanne Abbott’s Residence on the town right of way.

3.)  Motion made and approved for $21,000 for roof repair at the Library.  Motion made and approved for $1,000 for an Asphalt pallet to be delivered.

4.)  Motion made and approved for $2000 to fix 3 doors at the History Museum.

5.)  Park sign illustrations presented by Laura Miller and discussed.

6.)  Acquisition Letters are being sent out to Home Owners with information on the side walk construction.  Motion made and approved to move forward with Phase II of the Sidewalk Grant.

Zoning & Planning: 

1.)  Public Hearing request set for Oct 4, 2022 for Bill and Debbie Shaffer on Conditional Use Permit.

2.)  Pending Land Use Permit for Harmonie Verein.

3.)  There are 8 signs in Town without Permits all of which are Hoffman Properties. Notification being sent to Hoffman Properties by Zoning Commission.

History & Museum:  No report submitted

Chamber of Commerce:  

1.)  Harvest Festival is this weekend, September 17.

2.)  Street Closure request for the Harvest Festival was submitted and approved.

3.)  Motion was made, seconded, and approved for the horse and carriage street closure.

Farm Report:

1.)  Ellen Knoernschild will call about the farm check.

Other Committees:

Tree Committee:  No report submitted

Parks Committee:  No report submitted

Cemetery Committee:  No report submitted

“Best of Augusta” Photo Contest:

1.)  The Kids’ “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest is scheduled.  An article in the September Boone Country Connection explains the contest.  The art teacher at Augusta Elementary is assisting with entries.  The deadline is September 30.  Judging is again being handled by Lois Barton.  Cash prizes by the Town for the kids include:  First Place = $30.00, Second Place = $25.00, and Third Place = $20.00.  Thank you for supporting this creative outlet for the area’s kids 12 and under.  (by Gay Eskew)



September 16-17, 2022          Swinging in the Vines and the Augusta Harvest Festival

September 30, 2022               Kids’ “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest deadline

October 3, 2022                       Town Board Meeting  7:00 pm  (Moved to October 10, 2022.)