November 1, 2021 Meeting Highlights

REGULAR TOWN BOARD MEETING  (Old & New Business; Open to Citizens)

  • The riverboat, Miss Augusta, was christened in October 2021.
  • The new Town Directory was sent out to the printer.  It is also on the Town website under Residents.
  • Town & Country’s bid for snow removal was approved.  Charges include $75 / hour for snow plowing and $0.25 / pound for salt and chemicals.
  • Question by a citizen:  How did the Town acquire the river bottom farm land?  Answer:  The land was acquired by accretion when the Missouri River slowly shifted its course.
  • The KIDS’ “BEST OF AUGUSTA” PHOTO CONTEST judging results are in.
  •           The first place winner is Logan Wheeler from the Augusta area.  His photo, “Honeycomb,” of a Great Spangled Fritillary butterfly was submitted to the Butterfly & Moths of North America for verification.  He received a $30 cash prize from the Town of Augusta.
  •           The second place photo titled “Cotton Candy Skies” was taken by Nate Hartung in the Augusta area.  His prize of $25 cash was from the Town of Augusta.
  •           The third place picture, “Love God,” was photographed by Mikayla Wallace of Washington.  Her cash prize of $20 was also given by the Town of Augusta.
  •            All 28 photos are displayed on a traveling board at the school before moving to the Augusta Library.  Enlargements of the winning photos are at library.  The November 2021 issue of the Boone Country Connection contains black & white photos of the winners plus a press release.   Thank you to  Mrs. Sarah Bayless, Augusta Elementary Art Teacher, for spearheading the entries through her classes and thank you to Mrs. Lois Barton for organizing the judging.


  • Treasurer’s Report:  -Treasurer’s Report was approved.   -The treasurer provided the People’s Report of Town properties, deeds, and purchase dates.
  • Collector:    -September EFF collection was $54.35, effective on 10-15-21.    -Zoning submitted 3 checks for sign permits (see their report).
  • Public Works:  -Tree Brothers bid $7,500 for tree removal.   -Motion was made and approved for an additional $3,000 to the tree and right-of-way project for a total of $7,000.   -A total of $16,000 for asphalt and pothole repair was approved ($11,000 was added to the previously approved $5,000.)   –Yard Waste Dumpster signs are installed.   -Mt. Pleasant drain repair is in process.  -An ordinance authorizing and directing the execution of a transportation alternative program agreement by and between the Town of Augusta and the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission was approved.
  • Farm:    No report
  • Zoning & Planning:   –Sign permits were approved as presented for 5543 Water St. and 225 Jackson St.        -Sign permit for 5634 High Street was NOT approved as presented because the location is on a residential property not owned by the applicant.   -Rezoning request hearings will be on November 22nd and November 29th.
  • Cemetery:   No updates.
  • History & Museum:  No report.
  • Chamber:    –Halloween Open House was well attended. Thank you to the Volunteers that made food/treats and staffed the Visitors Center for the kids (Natasha Berkel, Kathleen Turner, JoAnn Milster, Anastasia Adelman, and Lynn Hofer).   –Small Business Saturday on November 27th at Augusta Gifts. Light Refreshments and Free Gift Wrapping for Items purchased  
    39th Augusta Candlelight Christmas Walk.  The Scavenger Hunt theme is Grapes.  Dates and activites are below.
  • Other Committees:  no reports


November 14 (Sunday) 1 pm — Town Square Decorating  Meet at the Augusta Visitor Center.

November 16 (Tuesday) 6 pm — Luminary Making Party at the Town Hall.

December 3 & 10 (Fridays) 5 – 10 pm — 39th Candlelight Christmas Walk

Dec. 3 & 10 — Christmas Market at the Harmonie Verein – Still space available.

December 4 — Holiday House Tour

December 11 — Christmas Trivia Night at Harmonie Verein – Sold out

December 3 -10 — Gingerbread House Contest  – Vote for your favorite house.