October 4, 2021 Meeting Highlights

7:00 pm     REGULAR TOWN BOARD MEETING  (Old & New Business; Open to Citizens)

  • The Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Town Budget was approved.
  • St. Charles County approved a hotel with certain conditions for the property between Jackson and Church Streets off Highway 94.
  • Hoffman Company purchased the Katy Bike Rental in Defiance.
  • Augusta Athletic Association was dissolved.  The Town is taking over the utility payments.
  • Approved up to $600 for printing 250 new Town Directories.
  • The Town Directory is on the Town website under Residents.
  • The KIDS’ “BEST OF AUGUSTA” PHOTO CONTEST deadline was September 30.  The entries are in and being judged.  Thank you to  Mrs. Sarah Bayless, Augusta Elementary Art Teacher, for spearheading the entries through her classes.  Thank you to Lois Barton for organizing the judging.  Thanks also to the PTL and Mrs. Robertson, principal of Augusta Elementary, for their support.


  • Treasurer’s Report:  –Sales tax for the previous year was $40,036.77.   -Treasurer’s Report was approved.
  • Collector:    -August EFF collection was $76.15, effective on 9-15-21.   -Certification letter for the Tax Rate was received.   -Zoning submitted 5 checks (see their report).
  • Public Works:  -Looking for bids from other tree services to cut trees and clean up debris.   -Joe Buchheit is looking for members for a Parks Committe to gather a list of projects for the Town Park and the Town Square.   –Yard Waste Dumpster sign to be installed next week.   -Checking for a solution to the greywater problem at Mt. Pleasant Winery.
  • Farm:    -Bachhaus Brothers completed the corn harvest on the Augusta Farmland.
  • Zoning & Planning:   -Land use permit for 276 Lower Street for $50.   -Land use permit for 215 Jackson Street for $50.   -Sign permit for Mt. Pleasant Estates for $70.   -Sign permit at 225 Jackson Street for Hoffman Gas for $20.   -Conditional Use permit for 4SCHLakes for $1,000.   -Request for rezoning on Hackman Road.  A Parcel Tax ID was given.   –Zoning Board appointees, Emily Lochirco and Kevin Schneider, were approved.    –Zoning Commissioner Bryan Cavanaugh was approved.   -A new term ending in 2025 was approved for Randall Oaks on the Board of Adjustments.
  • Cemetery:   No updates.
  • History & Museum:  No report.
  • Chamber:    –Meeting on 10/5 to discuss the Harvest Festival with possible changes.   -Beer Fest was a success.   -Preparations are underway for the 39th Augusta Candlelight Christmas Walk.  The Scavenger Hunt theme is Grapes.   -Dates and activites are below.
  • Other:  –Volunteers needed to clean up the Visitor Center’s basement.


November 13 — Augusta Ramble  2 pm

November 14 — Town Square Decorating

November 15 — Luminary Party

December 3 & 10 — 39th Candlelight Christmas Walk

December 4 — Holiday House Tour

December 11 — Christmas Trivia Night at Harmonie Verein

December 3 -10 — Gingerbread House Contest



September 13, 2021 Meeting Highlights

6:30 pm     BUDGET PROPOSAL MEETING              The 2021-2022 Budget was proposed, adjusted, and discussed.  It was accepted and approved.  The Budget ordinance will be presented at the October meeting.


  • The conditional use application for a filling station at 225 Jackson Street within the Town of Augusta was approved.
  • Augusta Gifts at the Augusta Visitor’s Center opened August 18, 2021.  Regular hours of operation are on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 11 am – 5 pm.
  • The KIDS’ “BEST OF AUGUSTA” PHOTO CONTEST deadline is September 30.  Mrs. Sarah Bayless, Augusta Elementary Art Teacher, is focusing on photography lessons.  There will be field trips around Town to take photos.  Lois Barton is facilitating the judging of the entries.


  • Treasurer’s Report:  -The Chairman and the Treasurer are approved to transfer funds at each bank.                -Treasurer’s Report was approved.
  • Collector:    -July EFF collection was $4.46, effective on 7-15-21.  Conditional Use Permit Application for a filling station at 225 Jackson Street was $500.
  • Public Works:  -The Board approved an additional $1,000 for Gowers Tree Service to the $3,000 already approved for a total of $4,000 for tree removal and trimming.   –Yard Waste Dumpster signs presented by Joe Buchheit for Board review.  – A Town citizen, Jan Mallinckrodt, expressed concern about a drainage problem at Mt. Pleasant Winery.  It will be investigated and addressed.
  • Farm:    Harvesting the corn crop will be from mid to late September.
  • Zoning & Planning:   -Land use permit requested for HVAC repair at 5491 Hackman Rd.  No charge.             -Conditional Use permit for a filling station was approved.     -Letter of Resignation was submitted by Zoning Commissioner Jim Reed.  Letter of Resignation submitted by Zoning Commission member Dale Heining.  Both letters of resignation accepted.
  • Cemetery:   No updates.
  • History & Museum:    Musuem meeting on 9/16/21.
  • Chamber:    –Harvest Festival is this weekend.  Parade route and street closures were approved.   – Visitor’s Center, Augusta Gifts, is open.   –Plein Air meeting is September 15.     –The Christmas Walk committee requested street closures.
  • Other:  The New Directory is on hold with the printer until a final update.


September 17-18 — Harvest Festival:  Friday is Swinging in the Vines; Saturday includes 5K and 10K races as well as the Harvest Parade and other activities throughout Town.  Saturday evening is the “Fruit of the Harvest dinner.

September 30 — Kids’ “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest deadline.

October 2 — October Beerfest from 12-5 pm at the ballfield

October 10 — Hog/Sausage Dinner at the church