October 2, 2023 Town Board Meeting Highlights and Official Minutes

Minutes October 2, 2023

Town of Augusta, Missouri

Dan Kemner Building

 Trustees Present:

Joe Buchheit                   Chairman

Ellen Knoernschild         Treasurer

Laura Miller                   Clerk

Randal Oaks           Public Works

Rick Barton                    Secretary/Collector/Notary

 Citizens Present: 10  

Town Board meeting called to order at 7:00pm

 1.     Minutes: 9/11/2023

        1.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to accept the 9/11/2023 Minutes as presented.

        1.2   Seconded by Randal Oaks and approved.

        1.3   Motion made by Rick Barton to accept the Tax Rate Minutes as presented.

        1.4   Seconded by Randal Oaks and approved.

2.     Treasurer’s Report: 9/30/2023

        2.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to accept the Treasurer’s Report for 9/30/2023 as presented.

2.2   Seconded by Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

3.     Checks: 12198 – 12231  

        3.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to approve checks 12198 – 12231 as written.

        3.2   Seconded by Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

 4.     Collector’s Report:

        4.1   EFF 9-15-2023 $89.56 for Aug collections.  

5.     Public Works:

        5.1   Phase I on the Town Square renovation has started with the pathway and entry.

        5.2   Street striping completed.

        5.3   Post Office floor will be finished next week.

        5.4   Kemner Bldg doors were repaired.s              

 Committee Reports:

6.     Zoning and Planning:

        6.1   Board of Adjustments approved Land Use Permit for 5601 Chestnut.             

7.     Chamber of Commerce:

        7.1   Halloween Oct 31st at the Visitors Center

        7.2   Holiday House Tour December 2nd

        7.3   Beer Fest this Weekend

        7.4   Harvest Festival took in approx $7000 this year.

8.     Parks Committee: no report

 9.    Farm Report:

        9.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to accept Ronnie Backhaus Farm bid of $275 per acre for a 3yr contract.

10.   Museum Report: no report

11.   Tree Committee Report: no report

 12.  Open to Citizens:

        12.1 Gay Eskew had a discussion and question on Short Term Rental

13.   Old Business: no updates

14.   New Business:

        14.1 Gay Eskew report: “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest:

There are 10 plus entries for the September “Autumn in Augusta” teen/adult contest.  This is the most entries yet for an adult contest.  The very first contest was around 10 entries.  It’s good to see since the Photo Contest is in its 10th year.  There are several factors that may have resulted in this favorable  participation:  greater awareness of the contest through word of mouth, the Harvest Festival Photo table, and interest from new town residents.  

The Kids’ “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest has an October 31 deadline.  Augusta Elementary School students will be participating through the art classes once again.  The contest is open to all kids 12 & under.  Talk it up with relatives, neighbors, and friends who have children twelve and under. More information and entry forms may be found on the Town website under Photo Contest. 

  Town of Augusta Website:

Some changes have taken place on the website with JoAnn Milster coordinating with the website company.  The “Visit” tab now contains the information that was formerly under the History tab.  The History tab is now the “Business” tab with Licenses and Permits and all of the Town Ordinances, which will be transferred onto the website in the near future.  The “Residents” tab will have meeting information, meeting minutes, and the Town Directory.  Licenses and Permits were transferred to the “Business” tab.  These changes should make it easier to navigate the website.  If anyone has additional suggestions, please contact Gay Eskew.

 Respectfully submitted, 

Gay Eskew


15.   Meeting adjourned at     pm. Next meeting 11/6/2023 at 7:00pm

 Respectfully Submitted:

 Richard J. Barton



October 2, 2023  Town
Board Meeting Minutes Highlights

TOWN SQUARE UPDATES – Work is progressing.  See for yourself.

Pavers are almost completely put in place for the curved path through the Town Square. Boulders will be distributed amongst the Square.  Some will be arranged around the perimeter of the gazebo.  The large white flat stones are for steps going into the Square off of Chestnut Street.  

Swings are delivered.  They will be set up after the ground is prepared.

Grass seed planting will happen soon.

For those who volunteered to assist with work projects in the Town Square, requests
for help will be made after the heavy construction is finished.

The Greater Augusta Chamber of Commerce donated $5,000 to the Playground equipment fund from the Harvest Festival proceeds.  The goal is $25,000  in addition to what is already allocated.

TOWN MUSEUM – The first annual Oktoberfest was well received.  The German food was prepared by museum members.  Beer was donated by Good News Brewery and brats came from Williams Brother Sausage.  Plans are in the works for next year’s celebration.

TOWN SIGNAGE – A discussion was held about replacing the signs at the entrances to the Town.  Another discussion concerned the removal of the Stop Sign on Jackson Street coming up the
hill.  A suggestion included placing a Stop Sign on Jackson by Locust across from the Library.                   A third discussion was about signs indicating the location of various businesses such as restaurants, the Visitor’s Center, wineries, etc.   

CALENDAR OF EVENTS IN AUGUSTA            (See Events tab)