November 7, 2022 Town Board Meeting Highlights

SPECIAL TOWN BOARD MEETING — November 7, 2022  (6:30 – 6:50 pm)

Motion was made to appoint Randall Oaks as Trustee to the Town of Augusta to assume the duties as Director of Public Works.  It was seconded and approved.  Randall Oaks was sworn in as Trustee.

REGULAR TOWN BOARD MEETING — November 7, 2022  (7:00 – 8:42 pm)

All 5 current Trustees present, including the newly sworn in Trustee:  Randall Oaks.

New Business:

1.)  Bill 2022-10 on Phase 2 of the Sidewalk Grant went through the process of being accepted as Ordinance 2022-10.


First Place is “Sunset in the Bottoms” by Nash Barron from Augusta with a prize of $30.00 from the Town Board.   Second Place is “Sad Little Window” by Kyra Flagg from Augusta with a prize of $25.00 from the Town Board.              Third Place is “Waterfall” by Cienna Doyle from Augusta with a prize of $20.00 from the Town Board.

Winning photographs are on the Town Website, in the November Boone Country Connection, and as enlargements in the Augusta Library.  A traveling display board with all of the photos is starting at Augusta Elementary School and will end up at the Library.

There were 30 plus entries from kids 12 & under.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo.  Congratulations Nash, Kyra, and Cienna.

Old Business

1.)  No updates on the Hoffman Family of Companies.

Open to Citizens:

1.)  Deanna Dothage presented pamphlets for the MU Economic Development MU Extension Program. Discussion followed.


Treasurer’s Report:

1.)  Treasurer’s Report and check expenditures were approved with the exception of one voided check.

2.)  Account Quick Report on ARPA Funds given by Ellen Knoernschild, Treasurer, from September 2021 through August 2022.  Motion made to accept the report.  It was seconded and approved.


1.)  No report.

Public Works:

1.)  There are three bids for the Library roof repair:  Shingle Tech for $17,156; Integrity Roofing for $17,025; and Hedrick Brothers for $20,856.  Motion made, seconded and approved to accept the bid of $20,856 from Hedrick Brothers for the Library roof repair.


Zoning & Planning: 

1.)  Zoning Commission submitted  8 sign permit applications for review and approval.  Seven were denied and one (2022-11) was approved.

2.)  Motion made, seconded, and approved to reimburse Bill & Debbie Schaeffer’s CUP Application fee of $250.

History & Museum:  No report submitted.

Chamber of Commerce:  

1.)  Getting ready for the Christmas Walk December 2nd and December 9.

2.)  December 3rd House Tour — 4 houses are on the Tour.

3.)  Trivia Night on December 10th — 10 tables are assigned.

4.)  The Chamber requests usage of the Ball Field on April 20th through April 30th.

Farm Report:   No report submitted.

Tree Committee:  No report submitted

Parks Committee:  No report submitted

Cemetery Committee:  No report submitted


November 13, 2022                 Christmas Decorating

November 28, 2022                 Zoning Commission Meeting on the Short-Term Rental Moratorium

December 2 & 9, 2022            Christmas Walk

December 5, 2022                    Town Board Meeting

December 15, 2022                  Town Board Meeting final discussion of the Short-Term Rental Moratorium

December 19, 2022                  Zoning Meeting to discuss the change to a multi-family dwelling at 5568 Chestnut