Town Board Minutes August 7, 2023

August Calendar of Events and future ones

August 6, 13, 20, and 27 — 6:30 – 9 pm / first pitch is at 7     Sunday Pickup Games at the Ballfield 

August 7 — 7:00 pm     Town Board Meeting – Highlights below & Official Minutes 

Tell It Like It Was cancelled.  To be rescheduled.

September 1 — Deadline for Flag Football registration (See August 2023 Boone Country Connection, page 4, for details.)

Times and dates being re-evaluated — Sunday Pickup Games at the Ballfield

September 3 — 1:00-4:00 pm   Sunday Open House at the Sehrt House, Augusta’s History Museum, 275 Webster at High Street

September 5 — 6:30 pm    First Tuesday Jam session at the Harmonie Verein

September 11 — 7:00 pm    Town Board Meeting  (Note that the meeting is the second Monday, due to Labor Day on the 4th.)

September 15 — 5:30-10:00 pm   Harvest Festival with Swinging in the Vines   (get tickets:

September 16 — Harvest Festival Parade (11:00-11:30 am) and Town Square Activities

September 16 —  6:00-9:00 pm   Fruit of the Harvest Dinner    (get tickets:

September 30 — “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest deadline for Adults & Teens


  • Work on the Town Square renovations will begin this month.  A new look and some new playground equipment is coming!!!!  Town & Country was approved by the Board for the project.
  • Discussion on Sunday Community Ball Game events and improvements on the ballfield.
  • Wi-fi is now available in the Town Hall.  Network name and password is posted.
  • The Sidewalk Grant is moving forward with the approval of the purchase by the Town of some small pieces of land or easements from their owners.


Minutes August 7, 2023

Town of Augusta, Missouri

Dan Kemner Building

Trustees Present:

Joe Buchheit                   Chairman

Ellen Knoernschild         Treasurer

Laura Miller                   Clerk

Randal Oaks           Public Works

Rick Barton                    Secretary/Collector/Notary

Citizens Present: 14

Town Board meeting called to order at 7:00pm

  1. Minutes: July 10, 2023

1.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to accept the 7/10/2023 Minutes with corrections as presented.

1.2   Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: July 31, 2023

2.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to accept the Treasurer’s & Budget report for July 31, 2023 as presented.

2.2   Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

  1. Checks: 12120 – 12151

3.1   Motion made by Rick Barton to approve checks 12120 – 12151 except voided check 12146 as written.

3.2   Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

  1. Collector’s Report:

4.1   Eff 7-14-2023 $102.03 June Collections

4.2   Ck 552 $25 Hoffman Business License.

4.3   CK3832 $125 Business License Chamber of Commerce plus past due.

4.4   CK4215 $100 Lynn Hofer Short Term Rental wait list.

4.5   CK1396 $10 Sign Permit Ozark Hospitality.

  1. Public Works:

5.1   Clogged drain at Jackson & Main St needs to be cleared of debris.

5.2   Erosion repair still needs to be fixed at Public &Fifth St. and Lower and Main St.

5.3   Ameren removed the tree on Chestnut over a power line.

Committee Reports:

  1. Zoning and Planning: no report given
  2. Chamber of Commerce:

        7.1   Dinner tickets for Swinging in the Vine are available on line.

        7.2   Scarecrow applications are online as well.

        7.3   Street closure request for the Harvest Festival.

        7.4   Chamber needs letters from the Town for alcohol serving for Swinging in the Vine, Harvest Festival and Beer Fest.

        7.5   Christmas Walk preparations in process 9/15 & 9/16.

        7.6   Gingerbread Contest 12/1 @ 6pm & 12/8 @ 8pm.

  1. Parks Committee: no report
  2. Farm Report:

9.1   Farm bids being accepted.

9.2   Farm fields have been planted.

  1. Museum Report: no report
  2. Tree Committee Report: no report
  3. Open to Citizens: Tonya Hankins

12.1 Hanani House 5572 Chestnut request refund of $500. Discussion with the Town Board of Trustees and Don Simon agreed to pay $250.

  1. Old Business: no updates
  2. New Business:

14.1 Farm 3yr contract bid posted.

14.2 Sidewalk Grant acquisition phase discussion. Parcels need approval.

14.3 Parcel #1 @ 5634 High St $3845, Parcel #4 $2110

Hoffman Properties, Parcel #13 $4500 Michael Bean. Parcel #14 $805 Ellen Knoernschild, Parcel #18 $3255 Hoffman Properties, Parcel #25 Clint & Trish Hedrick and Parcel #27 $2710 Wendy Lauber.

14.4 Motion made by Rick Barton to approve payments to Parcel 1, 4, 13, 14, 18, 25, and 27 as presented for right of way payment.

14.5 Seconded by Randal Oaks and approved.

14.6 Gay Eskew Report: Boone Country Connection articles:

The “Reviving the Augusta Ballfield” article in the July 2023 publication received 1,100 hits in two days.  It struck the heartstrings of memories from former years of ballgames and involvement by those in the Augusta area.  A local guitarist and drummer volunteered to play the National Anthem on July 23rd; they continued playing various songs throughout the game.  There were 66 players and observers at the time a count was made.  The games are continuing on Sunday evenings under the lights from around 6:30 – 9 pm.  The first pitch is at 7 pm.

“Best of Augusta”  Photo Contest:

Adult/Teen Contest ending with September 30 deadline.  The focus is “Autumn in Augusta.”  The Harvest Festival activities on Saturday, September 16, will present numerous photo opportunities.

There will be a table on the Town Square advertising the Photo Contest.  Entry forms will be available.  Photographs of 4 x 6 pictures taken on your phone  can be printed on a portable photo printer for a nominal cash fee.  As a one-stop “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest display, photographers may enter their photos immediately into the contest with the filled out entry form and printed photograph.  Easy to remember to do!

(A demo will be available either at the August or September meeting.)

Town of Augusta website:

Minutes are up.  The newest format consists of a Calendar of Events for the month and beyond; a few of the highlights of the meeting; and the official meeting minutes.

14.7 Motion made by Rick Barton to approve up to $62,000 for Augusta Town Square Design.

14.8 Seconded by Laura Miller and approved.

  1. Meeting adjourned at 8:08pm. Next meeting 09/11/2023 at 7:00pm

Respectfully Submitted:

Richard J. Barton