May 3, 2021 Meeting Highlights

First Special Meeting — ELECTION  RESULTS

Ellen Knoernschild – 36 votes,  Kathryn Frazier – 14 votes,  Joe Buchheit – 37 votes,  Laura Miller – 29 votes.    Knoernschild, Buchheit, and Miller were sworn in as Trustees of the Town of Augusta and took the Oath of Office.

Second Special Meeting — JOB  POSITIONS  CHOSEN

Bob Hofer – Chairman,  Ellen Knoernschild – Treasurer,  Laura Miller –  Town Clerk,  Joe Buchheit – Director of Public Works, and  Rick Barton – Collector, Secretary, and Notary

Regular Meeting — TOWN  BUSINESS

  • Fee changes approved.  Conditional Use permits went from $100 to $500.  A change in zoning went from $150 to $1,000.
  • An amendment to Zoning Ordinance 93-1 was recommended.  It would add the definition of any place of business with retail sales of any fuel for motorized vehicles by gas pumps or other devices.  A majority of hands voted at the meeting to have a gas station in the Town of Augusta by adding the definition and being under Conditional Use.   Zoning districts and other regulations respecting the use of  land within the Town of Augusta, and establishing a Board of Adjustments to review decisions respecting said regulations was approved as Bill 2021-03.


  • Collector:    – EFF March collections of $344.30    -two land use permits @$50
  • Public Works:    -Two hazardous trees were taken down with a tree service cost of $1,000.00    -Schedule Town & Country for weed spraying up to $1,100.    –Potholes need patching.    -Discussion on Town recycle bin.  Further research is needed.    -Additional $1,000 approved for striping lines and cross bars.    -Joe Buchheit presented a painting for the Phase I remodel of the Augusta Visitors Center.
  • Farm:  Ronnie Backhaus started planting corn this week.
  • Zoning:  -Land Use Permit for Crossroad Construction at 5595 Walnut Street.    -Land Use Permit at 2201 Farm House Lane by DBA Jim Reed Construction.
  • History & Museum:    Plant sale May 15.
  • Chamber Report:    –Plein Air had a record year.    -Planning is in progress for the Harvest Festival.


  • May 8, Saturday — Rabies Vaccination Clinic for dogs and cats (call 636-239-2745 for information).
  • May 15, Saturday — Plant Sale noon to 4 pm at the History Museum
  • May 31, Monday — “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest entry deadline.
  • September 17-18 — Harvest Festival:  Friday is Swinging in the Vines; Saturday is Festival of the Streets with a parade and races.