May 4, 2020 Meeting HIghlights

* Joe Buchheit appointed as a Trustee to the Augusta Town Board. The oath of office was admininstered by Bob Hofer.
* April 7 election rescheduled to June 2.
* The 40th Anniversary of the Augusta Viticultural Association (AVA) is scheduled for June 20. Motion made and approved to spend up to $1500 for music and entertainment.
* Sign permit for the new business, Kickstand, which is at the Katy Trail, was approved.
* Farm Report — Hellebush is currently plowing and planting the rented land.
* The Town Board is in search for a cemetery sexton to replace Jim Reed who submitted his resignation.
* Map layout of the museum garden plan was presented by Ellen Knoernschild.
* A motion was made and approved to spend up to $500 for improvements to the Town Square.