March 1, 2021 Meeting Highlights


  • Mowing bids at the April 5 meeting.
  • April 6, 2021 Town Board election ballot:  4 candidates signed up for 3 positions.  Candidate profiles will be in the April Boone Country Connection.
  • The first sidewalk grant is in review.  The second has been presented to the East-West Gateway Board.  Results are possible in April.
  • Trash still being put in the yard waste dumpster.
  • Flyers sent out to residents for the Spring Bulk Trash Pickup on Monday, April 12.
  • Kim Alsop is working on a replacement sign for the Town Park.
  • Business licenses are down since the Town lost around 5 businesses.
  • Bob Hofer received a letter from the mayor of St. Peters congratulating the Town of Augusta of the Hoffman Family and Companies’ aquisition of properties and wineries around Augusta.
  •  Hoffman Family Company update:  Purchased Montelle and Augusta Winery.


  • Collector:   -Collected $2,334.02, including $0.49 interest, for the Sur Tax.   -Collected $10 for a Sign Permit for Post Hospitality.
  • Public Works:  Visitor’s Center drawings for renovations to the building were presented.  Phase I was approved.
  • Zoning & Planning:  –Sign Permit request from Phillip Day of Post Hospitality at 5525 Walnut Street was approved.   -A statue with Lewis and Clark figures to be placed at Locust and Jackson Streets was presented to the Board for their review.  Since it’s a landscape structure, it does not require a permit.
  • Historian:  There is a YouTube channel called “Friends of Augusta.”
  • History Musuem:   -Meeting on 3/2 to discuss the new website.   -A donation of $700 will be used for the museum building fund extension.   -Working on an Augusta Historical Preservation survey.


  • April 6, Tuesday — Election to Vote for three Town Board member positions with four people on the ballot:   *Ellen Knoernschild, *Kathryn Frazier, *Joe Buchheit, and Laura Miller.  (* indicates an incumbent)
  • April 12,, Monday — Bulk Trash pickup for Town residents
  • April 16, Friday — St. Charles County Tourism meeting
  • April 22 – May 1 — The Plein Air Art Festival provides organized opportunities for registered artists to paint in the area to the final sales in Augusta on May 1.
  • May 8, Saturday — Rabies Vaccination Clinic for dogs and cats (call 636-239-2745 for information).
  • September 17-18 — Harvest Festival:  Friday is Swinging in the Vines; Saturday is Festival of the Streets