February 3, 2020 Meeting Highlights

  • Two signed up for trustees on the Town Board.  Robert Hofer and Rick Barton are on the ballot.
  • The 2019 Actual Budget Report, modified from the 2019 Budget for the Town of Augusta fiscal year, was presented by Treasurer Ellen Knooernschild.  It was approved.
  • PUBLIC WORKS:  —-Bob Hofer and PWSD Chris Horvath met about the work being done on Hackman and Lower.  —-A contract for Cochran Engineering was accepted and approved for Professional Services.  —-Portable toilet moved to Ferry St. by the Post Office.
  • Chamber of Commerce:  —-Voted to move forward with website changes for the Augusta Heritage Foundation.  —-Christmas Walk was profitable this year.  —-Plein Air headquarters will be in the Harmonie Verein with 66 artists already signed up.  —-The anniversary of the American Vitaculture Association will be celebrated in June.  —-Still searching for a marketing person.
  • Sign permit approved for the Harmonie Verein.  Library sign needs repair.
  • COLLECTOR’S REPORT: —-Received $4,539.05 on 01-15-20 as the final distribution of December 2019.  On 01-21-20 $1,186.44 was received from RRUT 2019.
  • Motion made and approved to move forward with the new website plan for the Town of Augusta.