August 3, 2020 Meeting Highlights

  • Town Board members decided to remain in their selected jobs.
  • The proposed Budget for the fiscal year of September 1, 2020 through August 31, 2021 was presented by Ellen Knoernschild for review and approval at the September meeting.
  • Public Works:   Trees were removed in the Town Park.  Approved $2,000 for right of way cleanup.  Joe Buchheit presented a Town Park plan with drawing.  Approved $1,130.13 for Phase 2 of the sidewalk improvement project grant by East West Gateway.  Approved up to $1,050 for power washing cleanup from an estimate by Crescent Mobile Power Wash.
  • Dana Sullivan requested information and use of the Town Square on August 21, 2020 for a wedding celebration.  Motion was made and approved that no events or gatherings on Town properties and streets are to be larger than 25 people according to CDC guidelines through the end of December 2020 without the approval of the Town Board.
  • Farm Report:  Farm contract is up at the end of August.  A farm bid notice will be placed in the Missourian for 2 weeks.  Bids will be read at the September meeting.  Bob Struckhoff nominated Rick Rehmeier to serve on the Farm Committe.  The nomination was approved by the Board.
  • Zoning and Planning:  Jenny Mazia requested rezoning of her property line.
  • Museum Report:  Greg Nadler has two potential contractors for the History Museum addition.  Putting together a possible website for the Museum.  Special thanks goes to Ken Campbell for the flower garden upkeep.  Special thanks also to Ellen Knoernschild and Sally Heining for the prepping for the garden annuals.
  • Tourism meeting on July 17 went well.  Bob Hofer and Joe Buchheit attended the meeting.
  • The “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest for kids 12 & under will be supported by the Augusta Elementary art teacher, Sarah Bayless.  Motion made and approved to sponsor two $25 cash prizes for the winners.