​May 2019 - April 2020

August 4, 2019 Meeting Minutes

  • Economic Development presented 7 different banner designs for the poles on Walnut Street. Approved $4,500 to produce the vinyl 30" x 60" banners. Ameren UE will hang the banners as a courtesy for the Town.
  • Harvest Festival is coming up on September 20-21. More details on Facebook. The parade route is being finalized.  Augusta Community Picnic at the Legion had a good turnout.  The Texas Giants played.
  • Public Works Report:  Pothole asphalt patching is approved for up to $4,500. Right-of-way and hazardous conditions clean up is approved for up to $2,500. No Parking signs needed on Jackson Street. Survey the property line for a tree on the border of the Town Park and Mt. Pleasant's property. Check for rain leakage in the library gutters. Kim Alsop will submit an estimate to replace the Town Park sign.
  • Additional concerns: Contact MODOT about a speeding sign in Town.  Spraying by Town & Country needs to be monitored. Sandy Lowry showed pictures of children driving ATVs. Missouri law requires operators to have a valid driving license.  Vern Massman had concerns about poor drainage, gutters leaking, and worms on the Post Office floor. Complaints voiced about skunks and raccoons in Town. 
  • Zoning Report:  Ann Struckoff obtained a land use permit and reported that the Town phone mailbox was full.  5368 Hackman Road requested a permit to add a bedroom. The Board of Adjustments needs a fifth member.
  • Farm Report:  Water is going down slowly. Farms may need help with the loss of business / crops due to flooding.
  • Historian Report: Kathryn Frazier and a college community service volunteer inventoried Anita Mallinckrodt's books to sell. Bernice Kemner's presentation Sunday was about growing up in the bottoms.  Greg Nadler submitted plans for the History Museum addition.
  • Tom Whalen was issued a fireworks permit for November 7th.
  • The library lease is up in November. Mark Piontek is advising a 5 year lease rather than the 10 year lease we currently have. 
  • Discussed ways to increase Town revenue Special meeting beforehand on September 9th at 6:45 pm to go over the Budget, including police patrols in Town.

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May 6 (6:30 pm)                  June 3                        July 1                        August 5

Sept. 9 (2nd Mon)             October 7              November 4             December 2


The complete and official Town Board Meeting minutes may be found in the Augusta Library.


DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS                    Gene Schaper  

TAX COLLECTOR & SECRETARY                    Rick Barton

CHAIRMAN                                                    Bob Hofer

TOWN CLERK                                                 Kathryn Frazier

TREASURER                                                  Ellen Knoernschild                                            


First Monday of the month           (exceptions in January and September)

NEXT MEETING:  November 4, 2019
                                   7:00 pm

           Town Hall / Dan Kemner Building                on the Town Square


The complete and official Town Board Meeting minutes may be found in the Augusta Library.

                    Next Meeting:   November 42019  at  7:00 pm                     





July 1, 2019 Meeting Minutes

  • Final stages of the Grant Proposal at East-West Gateway are being worked on.  A public meeting is scheduled on July 30 at Wentzville City Hall from 4:30 - 6:30 pm.
  • Public Works: A company is being sought to help Augusta with weed control and right-of-way brush control.  Two homes, Sandy Lauer's and Dave Klass', do not get sprayed for weeds, per the owners'request.
  • Farm Report:  Augusta farmland is still under water: no planting yet.
  • Historian Report:  Greg Nadler will be delivering plans for the Museum restrooms and storage closet on July 5th.  Museum is open to the public on the first Sunday of the month.
  • Harvest Festival on September 20-21.  Plans were shared by Trey Smith and Paul Ovaitt.
  • Cemetery CommitteeJim Reed, as the new chair has the documents and information from Earl Mallinckrodt to conduct the Cemetery Commission.  He has received calls about ancestral lots bought by relatives in advance.
  • Ordinance 02-08 regarding ATV usage and licensing is under review. Considering updates to include golf carts, scooters and other motorized vehicles.  Safety considerations will also be addressed.
  • Permits to be updated on Town website (Fireworks, Land Use, & Photo Contest Entry Form).
  • Codes of St. Charles County and Town of Augusta were read and approved.
  • Walnut Street Pole Banners designs will be decided at the upcoming Economic Deveopment meeting and presented at the next meeting.
  • Mainstreet Conference is July 24, 25, + 26 in St. Louis.
  • Sandy Lauer and Donna Wells brought up concerns with a PWSD #2 grinder pump and its property easement.  

June 3, 2019 Minutes

  • Sidewalk grant with East-West Gateway approved.
  • Terry Heisler submitted a request for a Fireworks Permit for July 1.
  • Randall Oaks discussed the Town Picnic hosted by the Augusta Heritage Foundation on July 14.  He requested funds from the Town for the event.  Motion made and approved for $2,000 in assistance.
  • Paul Kampen presented plans for a Town beautification project.  A meeting will be held on June 22.
  • The next Greater Augusta Chamber of Commerce meeting is on June 10.
  • The Town Board is reviewing changes to the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) ordinance.
  • St. Charles County Building Permits and Code Enforcement contract is still being worked on.
  • Karen Parrish requested information to change 5557 Walnut Street to residential.  Cranberry Cottage will be closing.  The contact person is Jim Reed, head of the Zoning Commission.
  • Farm Report -- Planting has been postponed due to flooding.
  • Kathryn Frazier gave a Historian Report, Museum Report, and the Historical Preservation Report.

September 9, 2019 Minutes

  • The 2019-2020 Town Budget approved.  Ordinance presented in October.
  • Tax rates, for $100 of assessed evaluation, are approved for 2019-20:  General Tax Rate of 0.1949/$100  and Lights Tax Rate of 0.0973/$100
  • Chamber (GACC) news:  Harvest Festival on September 21 - 22 is on schedule.  Christmas Walk handouts are being put together.  Luminary party is on November 19.  Street closures and No Parking signs accepted for the Christmas  Walk.  Motion approved to pay for 2 shuttles at $500 for the Christmas Walk.  Chamber is searching for a marketing salesperson.
  • Santa's elves are installing the Town Christmas lights to various Town buildings.  Up to $2,000 for decorating has been approved.
  • Economic Development:  Seven banners promoting the Town of Augusta to be installed by Ameren UE on Walnut and Jackson Streets before September 21. 
  • Farm Report:  Wet conditions are delaying any planting.  Small creek levee needs repair; the Town will supply the rock.
  • Historian report:  Kathryn Frazier is receiving 4 pieces of furniture from Michigan that were build in Augusta circa 1865.
  • History Museum:  Kathryn Frazier presented the drawing depicting the new addition to the Museum.  It is open the first Sunday of the month from 1-4 pm.
  • Public Works:  Bob Hofer and Gene Schaper are putting together a pot hole map of the streets in Town.  A stop sign to be located on Locust Street by Augusta Elementary School was discussed.  Basketball court repair will be placed on the agenda. An addition of $500 was made to the estimate AAA Tree service provided for the right-of-way clean up. 
  • Ordinance 02-05 about ATV use is still in process.
  • Eleven skunks have been successfully trapped and relocated.
  • Zoning Board:  Jim Reed suggested to the Board to appoint Steve Windish to the Board of Adjustments; others appointed were Randal Oaks until 2020, Carol Marvel until 2022, and John Krakowski until 2022.  Ken Campbell was added as an alternate.  Land Use Permit issued to Michael Gavin on Hackman Road.
  • KIDS' 'BEST OF AUGUSTA" PHOTO CONTEST deadline is September 30.  Augusta Elementary is participating with the supervision of the art teacher. 


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