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September 11, 2017 Meeting

  • Library parking lot beginning this week.
  • Harvest Festival 9/15 - 9/17. Request for street closures for the parade approved. Parade begins Saturday at 10 am.
  • On 9/16, the History Museum is hosting a pretend cookie-making class with the appropriate historical dress.
  • New stop sign approved at the southwest intersection of Locust and Public Streets by Augusta Elementary School.
  • The new directional "signs" or wine barrels are placed at the corners of Church and Hackman Streets in addition to Jackson and Locust Streets.
  • Damage to the Katy Trail sign was determined to be $1020.  This will be deducted from the Water Street bill.
  • The dangers of oncoming cars when turning from the Jackson Street entrance onto Highway 94 was discussed.
  • A citizen asked about the tractor-trailer truck ordinance due to concerns about the hazards of trucks on the narrow streets of the Town.  Bob Hofer referred the question for resolution to the Greater Augusta Chamber of Commerce.
  • Discussion was held about the property boundary on the corner of Lower and High Streets.  It is 2 1/2 feet into the street right-of-way.
  • The Board members selected a floor sample for the Augusta Visitors' Center with a flooring cost approved at $8,675.   They also accepted Creative Paint's bid of $1,560 for interior painting on the AVC improvements.
  • The 2017-18 Town of Augusta budget was approved.  (Copy in Library.)
  • ​The following tax rates for each $100 of assessed valuation were accepted:      general tax rate of 0.2008 per $100  and  lights tax rate of 0.1002 per $100.
  • The Town Directory will be printed soon by B & J Printing.  It will be mailed out to all Town residents.




November 6, 2017 Meeting

  • Christmas Spirit Decorating Contest judging on November 30th.​  Luminary party on November 14th.  Town Square decorating on November 19th.  Christmas Walk on December 1-2 and 8-9.
  • Flowers in Business Sign barrels will be replaced by Kathryn Frazier.
  • ​"Best of Augusta" Kids' Photo Contest winners are Ellie Hopen of Augusta, MO in first place and Runner Up Ryenne Carpenter of Washington, MO.  Ellie's picture of "Daytime Dande's" won the $25.00 gift certificate donated by Kate's Coffee.  Ryenne's picture titled "Clay House" received the 4 all-day bike rentals and ice cream from Katy Bike Rental.  Congratulations!  Thanks to Lois Barton for co-ordinating the judging.
  •  2018 Town of Augusta river bottom land to be farmed by Tim Hellebush.       
  • Town & Country 2017-18 snow removal at $65/hour with 21 cents/pound for salt and chemicals. 
  •  Rick Schwarzer approved for $1300 to remove and replace men's restroom plumbing fixtures and various leaks in the Town Hall.
  • Marty's Paving will give an estimate for pothole and crack repair on the Town streets for up to $6000.
  • Striping of Town streets has been increased to $2800.
  • Levee District survey will take place in November for repairs.
  • Street sweeper will come when leaves have fallen before Christmas Walk.
  • Email sent to Mark Piontek with drawing of David Bean's property boundaries for evaluation.
  • The History Museum will be open December 1st and 8th.  The committee is working on recruiting new officers. 
  • Town directories have been mailed out.

TOWN OF AUGUSTA RESIDENTS            *VOLUNTEER*        Various projects available.  Contact a Town Board member.   

*Influence*​                 Attend the Town Board meetings.  Share your thoughts.  


       ----   CANDLELIGHT CHRISTMAS WALKS on Fridays & Saturdays this year ---  December 1-2, 8-9  -----                                                                            


First  Monday  Dates  7:00 pm  (unless noted otherwise)

January 2                       February 6            March 6                                  April 3

May 1 (6:30 pm)              June 5         July 10 (2nd Mon)   August 14 (2nd Mon)

Sept. 11 (2nd M, 6:30)   October 2          November 6                    December 4


The complete and official Town Board Meeting minutes may be found in the Augusta Library.


October 2, 2017 Meeting

  • Library parking lot is complete.
  • Harvest Festival went well.  Good turnout.
  • Town Directory is progressing and will be mailed out soon.
  • Accepted Rottler's bid of $2,234 to put up and take down Christmas lights.
  • Accepted the cost of $1500 for two shuttles for the Christmas Walk.
  • Jacob's Flooring is doing the repair work at the Visitor's Center.  
  • Plumber will be looking at the men's restroom in the Town Hall.
  • Two estimates received for striping with a crosswalk safety focus.
  • A request has been made for a temporary speed sign on Jackson Street.
  • Historic Preservation is making changes to the Harmonie Verein ceiling.
  • Tim Hellebusch's bid of $221/acre out of 4 bids was accepted by the Farm Committe (Bob Hofer, Bob Struckhoff, and Hubie Mallinckrodt.)
  • The History Museum is working on a brochure.  They are looking to add a restroom facility at their building.
  • David Bean discussed issues with his property's right of way and easement.  Chuck Dressel removed signs at Jackson and 94; the right of way and road easement are being investigated.
  • Economic Development sent a letter to businesses in Town about purchasing signage for posting on the directional barrels. 

DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS                    Gene Schaper  

TAX COLLECTOR & SECRETARY                    Rick Barton

CHAIRMAN                                                    Bob Hofer

TOWN CLERK                                                 Kathryn Frazier

TREASURER                                                  Ellen Knoernschild                                            


First Monday of the month           (exceptions in July and September)

NEXT MEETING:  December 4, 2017
                                7:00 pm

           Town Hall / Dan Kemner Building                on the Town Square


The complete and official Town Board Meeting minutes may be found in the Augusta Library.


May 2017 - April 2018

                                     Next Meeting   December 4, 2017  at  7 pm    

(636) 228-4689

Communities Working Together  --->   Warren and St. Charles Counties   Augusta and City of Washington

Augusta Bottom Road Dedicated  ---->  New Safety Rails installed 


August 14, 2017 Meeting

  • New bids for a 3 year contract for the Town bottom land of 178 acres are being accepted at the end of August with a decision in December.
  • The Board approved Cochran's recommendation of Karren Brock Construction, Inc. for 13 additional parking spaces at the Augusta Library.
  • ​This Saturday, 8/19, outside painting at the Harmonie Verien.
  • Fireworks permit in the works for the night of August 21.
  • Port-a-potties with hand sanitizer will be on the ballfield for the eclipse and by the Augusta Visitors' Center.
  • The Town will pay for supplies for those interested in any "Beautification Project."
  • Suggested itemized amounts for service contracts to include items like street striping and stop signs.  Discussed the possibility of stop signs on Locust by the school and at Jackson & Chestnut.
  • Rick Barton, Kathryn Frazier, and Gene Shaper will rotate by month to check phone messages and emails.
  • The Historic Preservation Committee is working toward COG certification.  The Board is receiving training via a DVD.
  • Directional signs are in place at the library, at the corner of Lower & Hackman, and by the Augusta Visitors' Center.  They add a service to our businesses and beauty to the Town.
  • Three bids have been received for work on flooring and painting at the Augusta Visitors' Center.  More discussion next month.
  • Three local historians, including Anita Mallinckrodt of Augusta, participated as "scholar contributors" at the Missouri Humanities Council meeting in July.  They discussed the "German Immigration Corridor research project.
  •  At the Harvest Festival on Sunday, September 17th, A. Mallinckrodt will provide an overview of the everyday life of the German immigrant.