December 3, 2018  Meeting

  • Election sign-ups for 3 Town Board positions are open through January 15.  The election is April 2, 2019.  VOTE!
  • The Board approved street closures for the Christmas Walk on December 7 & 14; same closures as last year.
  • Christmas Light Decorating Contest judging on December 6 at 6 pm.  So far there are only 2 contestants.
  • Christmas foilage decorations placed on the directional signs.
  • In preparation for the Christmas Walk, a street sweeper was hired to clean the streets for $664.
  • 2019 Augusta Business License renewals are being prepared.
  • The Boone Duden historical sign is prepared and ready for installation on the Town Square after the holidays.  Paul Kemner will report further details.
  • The Corps of Engineers has been repairing the hole in the levee on the north side of Reimeier's property.
  • AAA Tree Service removed the designated tree on the Town Square.  The stump will be removed at a later date. 
  • Robert Kenkel asked if we've heard anything from St. Charles County about building codes.  Bob Hofer stated that he spoke with Jared.  We do not have a new contract, but they are willing to work with us.
  • Kathryn Frazier has an extension from the State of Missouri for the museum report. 
  • Still seeking volunteers for 2 positions:  1) Board of Adjustments member and 2) Cemetery Committee Chairperson      (Earl Mallinckrodt is stepping down.)


        Communities Working Together  --->                     Warren and St. Charles Counties        Town of  Augusta and City of Washington

Augusta Bottom Road Dedicated  ---->  New Safety Rails installed 


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                                          APRIL 8 (Monday)  ---  SPRING CLEAN-UP                                          




The complete and official Town Board Meeting minutes may be found in the Augusta Library.



The complete and official Town Board Meeting minutes may be found in the Augusta Library.

January 7, 2019  Meeting

  • Shooting firearms and setting off fireworks within the Town limits is not allowed.  A fireworks permit may be obtained from the Town Board in advance of the event.  Examples are Independence Day and New Years Eve.
  • The resolution for 3 Town Board trustees on the April 2, 2019 election ballot and the associated costs were approved.
  • The Christmas Walk on December 7th & 14th, along with the Augusta House Tour on the 8th, were all successful with an excellent turnout.
  • Approved $500 for de-decorating the Christmas lights and improving and reorganizing the storage units with additional shelving.
  • Barrel directional signage is up and in place.  All 8 barrels are very attractive.  Thanks to all who put in the work to make them presentable.
  • The grant application submitted to East-West Gateway by Cochran Engineering was turned down.  The application fee was refunded.  A motion was made and approved to try again:  $3,500 was allocated to Cochran Engineering with the $2,500 application fee.
  • Our friend and town historian, Anita Mallinckrodt, passed away on January 7, 2019.  She was a great asset to the Town and will be greatly missed.
  • The History Museum is open every 1st Sunday.  Their meeting is January 24 at 6:30 pm.  New attendees are welcome.  No picnic is planned for the summer of 2019 due to low attendance and a lack of volunteers. 
  • The Tree Committee recommended and the Board approved Davy Tree Service to conduct a tree inventory with its associated costs for $4,150.
  • Dave Klass presented a proposal for color-coded Trail signs.  He'll research and find pictures of possible designs for future use.
  • Other notes:  After research from an inquiry, livestock are not allowed in the Town of Augusta.  Grace Hauling has been contacted about the full yard waste dumpster and exchanging it for an empty one.  Hellebush Farm paid their bill in full for 2018,  The stump in the Town Square Park has been ground and removed.  Still looking for a Board of Adjustments member and a Cemetery Committee Chairperson
  • 2018 Collections:  first advance is $4,200 on 12-18; second advance coming on 12/20; November $172.10.

                  Picture of the new board coming soon!


​May 2018 - April 2019

DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS                    Gene Schaper  

TAX COLLECTOR & SECRETARY                    Rick Barton

CHAIRMAN                                                    Bob Hofer

TOWN CLERK                                                 Kathryn Frazier

TREASURER                                                  Ellen Knoernschild                                            


October 1, 2018 Meeting

  • The General Tax Rate of 0.2048 per $100 of assessed valuation and the Lights Tax Rate of 0.1022 per $100 of assessed valuation were approved.
  • The Town budget for 2018-19 was approved.
  • The Zoning Commission approved a Conditional Use permit for a Bed & Breakfast on Hackman Road across from Augusta Village Place.  Geoff and Angela Lockett presented their intent with diagrams and photos of the B & B plan. Discussion by residents followed. The Locketts then gave a closing statement.  The Town Board unanimously voted NO:  the Zoning Commission recommendation of a Conditional Use Permit DID NOT PASS.
  • The St. Charles County Building Contract update from Jared Aggee, the contact in regards to the County building codes.  Bob Hofer read a letter from the Town's legal counsel regarding the review of Town Ordinances.  Discussion followed with questions, comments, and complaints. 
  • Another Zoning update on the Cell Phone Conditional Use Permit for property in the Town.  It was NOT APPROVED by St. Charles  County.
  • GACC report:  Harvest Festival went very well.  The Christmas Walk plans are going well.  




November 5, 2018 Meeting

  • Christmas Walk is on December 7th & 14th from 5 - 9 pm; additional events are on Saturday, December 8th. The Town approved sponsoring shuttles  at the Christmas Walk for up to $1500. The 2018 featured Augusta Limited edition ornament is Centennial Farm.
  • Luminary Set-up on Tuesday, November 13th at 7 pm.  Help decorate the Town Square on Sunday, November 18th at 1 pm.
  • For questions, the Chamber's website administrator is Perry Jacobs.
  • Work Projects:  Putting up the Town Christmas lights was approved for up to $2,000 on the bid from Rottler. Received a bid to remove a pine tree on the corner of Walnut and Ferry for $400 up to $600 from AAA Tree Service. Discussed adding on a handicap structure for bathrooms and storage to the back of the History Museum.  Snow removal contract approved by Town & Country Nursery for $65/hr and 21 cents/lb for salt and ice melt.  It is the same price as last year.  Augusta received a grant for trees from the Tree City organization.
  • The winners of the Kids' "Best of Augusta" Photo Contest were Eleanor Bayless (1st place with "Water is Nature's Nourishment") and Della Lorch (Runner Up with "Purple Breeze").  Prizes respectively were from Kate's Coffee and Katy Bike Rental/Augusta.  Discussed sponsoring only two photo contests next year.
  • Need to replace 2 board members:  Sam Fischer on the Board of Adjustments and Earl Mallinckrodt as Cemetery Committee Chairman.
  • Building permit contacts:  Jared Aggee in St. Charles, Mike Hurlbut is a resource person on Economic Development, and the One-Stop Development Assistant for St. Charles County.  August 2017 brought change to the building codes.  New business owners want to find solutions concerning variances on historic structures.
  • Past work on Augusta ordinances need to be addressed. Updates to the Comprehensive Strategic Plan need to be revisited.
  • Economic Development signage has 4 new barrels almost ready to place at Public & Main, Ebenezer Church, Silly Goose, and Jackson & Main.

                                 Next Meeting:   March 42019  at  7 pm