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Augusta Bottom Road Dedicated  ---->  New Safety Rails installed 


October 7, 2019 Minutes

  • The Town Budget for 2019-20 was read and approved.
  • Sidewalk grant was approved for Augusta by East-West Gateway.  
  • Chamber Report:  Harvest Festival was successful.  Luminary Partyis November 19.  Town decorating is November 24.  The Chamber meeting is moving to the third Monday of the month.   Plein Air is April 22 - May 3, 2020.  Website updates are in progress.
  • Gene Shaper resigned as a trustee from the Town Board.  Position is open.
  • Pothole patching for October/November is in process.
  • St. Charles County Code Enforcement has been finalized and sent out to Town Residents.
  • The Town Park will have its erosion damage repaired.   Bill Harrison submitted a $3,000 bid which was accepted and approved.
  • The Curb Cut and Town Right of Way ordinance review is in process.  An update on the revision of Ordinance 02-08 concerning All Terrain Vehicleswas given.
  • Discussed the renewal of the Library lease.
  • ​Reports:  The historian reports that the 2019 paperwork for the state of Missouri is due at the end of November.  The Museum will be closed until the Christmas Walk in December.  It is usually open the first Sunday of the month.  The 1860's furniture made in Augusta will be arriving soon to the Museum from Michigan.  The Economic Development pole banners have been positioned at various places around Town.  The Photo Contest and Website reports by Gay Eskew were read by Rick Barton.
  • Alan Frazier via Kathryn Frazier has asked that the Town of Augusta purchase the Wine Hall to make into a Wine Museum.  The Town will research its legality in case this purchase could happen.
  • The break on the Creek Levee down on the bottoms was discussed.  Looking into options for the basketball court repair.
  • Resident Concerns:  No parking areas and missing signs on Main Street were brought to the Board's attention.  Robert Kenkel expressed concerns over emails for the property at 535 Hackman Road.   

DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS                    open  

TAX COLLECTOR & SECRETARY                    Rick Barton

CHAIRMAN                                                    Bob Hofer

TOWN CLERK                                                 Kathryn Frazier

TREASURER                                                   Ellen Knoernschild                                            


First Monday of the month           (exceptions in January and September)

NEXT MEETING: March 2, 2020
                                   7:00 pm

           Town Hall / Dan Kemner Building                on the Town Square

December 2, 2019 Minutes

  • Augsuta Library lease agreement has been signed and returned.
  • Two Board trustee positions are open for the election on April 7, 2020. Sign up for these positions at the Augusta Library from 12/17/19 to 01/21/20.
  • Public WorksPot hole patching is in progress.  Trey Irwin will clean the leaves at the Town Square. The erosion problem is on hold since the ground is too wet. The Post Office gutter which was damaged by high winds needs to be fixed. The sidewalk grant is in progress. Street sweeping expenditure of $500.00 approved for the Christmas Walk.  
  • Museum Report:  Ellen Knoernschild is nominated for the "Don't Let the Flame Go Out" legacy award. Mary Robertson, principal of Augusta Elementary, has also been nominated for the Legacy Award from the education aspect. Plans for the Museum addition are in progress. Musuem is open December 6th and 13th for the Christmas Walk.
  • Chamber of Commerce:  Preparing for the Dec. 6 + 13 Christmas Walk.
  • Other committees:  Cemetery Committee sold 3 lots. The Tree Committee's annual application is ready to mail.  Farm Report:  The ground is too wet for planting.  Historian Report:  Annual form submitted to the State of Missouri. The Augusta furniture found in Michigan is delivered and in the Town Hall.
  • Land Use Permits for $50 each have been filed for 6865 Augusta Bottom Road and for building demolition at 130 Church Street.
  • Fireworks permit approved for Benny Moseley to shoot a cannon on New Year's Eve. Notices of Fireworks permits will be posted on the bulletin board outside of the Town Hall on Walnut Street.  A complaint was received about the Fireworks in November set off for a wedding at Mt. Pleasant in the Town Park.  A fireworks permit was issued. 
  • A better location is being researched for the portable toilet at the Visitor's Center; a complaint was received.
  • Robert Kenkel and Penelope Woodhouse expressed concerns about the St. Charles County smoking policy.  


The complete and official Town Board Meeting minutes may be found in the Augusta Library.

                    Next Meeting:  March 22020 at  7:00 pm                     

(636) 228-4689


​May 2019 - April 2020

 *VOLUNTEER*            Check out opportunities.  See a Town Board member or a local business.

*Influence*​            Talk with your elected Town Board trustees.  What would you like for the Town?

*Build up Augusta*    Share with others about the advantages of living in Augusta. 

       OPPORTUNITY  FOR TOWN RESIDENTS TO SERVE ON THE TOWN BOARD:  Sign ups                                           are completed.  Exercise your privilege to VOTE IN THE APRIL 2, 2020 ELECTION.







The complete and official Town Board Meeting minutes may be found in the Augusta Library.

November 4, 2019 Minutes

  • ​The Kids' "Best of Augusta" Photo Contest winners are Alyson Paule of Augusta, MO with "Endless Grapeablities"; Ryleigh Rehmeier of Augusta, MO with "Sunset on Water"; and Sunny Null of Augusta, MO with "A Child's Eye View."   First prize to Alyson is a $20.00 gift certificate to Kate's Coffee.  Ryleigh received a $25.00 gift certificate to any Augusta business from the Town Board, Sunny's prize is 4 all day bike rentals from Katy Bike Rental. Congratulations! 
  • One prize from the Augusta Elementary dinner-auction was naming rights for a Town Street sign.  Jodi Howell reported that $21,500 was raised.
  • Chamber:  Christmas Walk is the 1st and 2nd Fridays in December. The Scavenger Hunt theme is based on the Christmas Carol book. Looking for sponsorships from businesses. Plein Air registration is now open.
  • Town & Country snow removal bid was accepted and approved for 2 inches or more of snow at $65/hour with 21cents/pound for salt and chemicals.
  • Public WorksPothole repair work in progress. Waiting for a letter from East-West Gateway to give the Town a timeline for future sidewalk repairs.
  • Historian Report Furniture made in Augusta (a bed, 2 chairs, and a rocking chair will be delivered Saturday and stored in the Town Hall.
  • Other Committees:  Museum:  Ellen Knoernschild nominated for Legacy Award.  Museum closed until Christmas Walk.  Cemetery:  Discussed responsibility for headstones and their maintenance. Meeting dates posted at Gallery Augusta.
  • Board of Adjustments met about a request to divide 5.3 acres into 2 lots.  It was denied because the agricultural zoning is 3 acres.
  • Land Use permits:  $50.00 each at 225 Augusta Village Place and at 5518 High St.
  • ATV ordinance is in compliance with St. Charles County. Call County police with concerns.
  • Library contract lease approved and made an ordinance.
  • Checks for cleaning will no longer go to a third party.  Kathryn Frazier was reimbursed by check for paying the cleaning lady.
  • Robert Kenkel, managing member at 525 Hackman Road, apologized for

                  Picture of the new board coming soon!



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January 6, 2020 Minutes

  • The "Best of Augusta" Photo Contest winners are Wyatt Gibbs of Foristell, MO with "The Autumn that Forgot to Fall," and Marilyn Kluesner of Marthasville, MO with "Katy Trail Relic."   Wyatt's  prize is a $25.00 gift certificate to Stone Ledge Antiques.  Marilyn's prize of a $25.00 gift certificate is from Gallery Augusta. Congratulations! 
  • Chamber:  Four events, possibly five, scheduled in 2020:  Plein Air, AVA Birthday Party in June, Harvest Festival, and Christmas Walk. Possible Halloween Masquerade Ball with Heritage Foundation in October. 
  • Resolution passed for the Election Ballot to read that two 2-year terms will be voted on with all of the associated costs. Sign up at the Library by January 21.
  • Farm Report:  Received the second farm contract payment of $29,500.  Farm contract is due in 2020. 
  • Museum:  Good showing at the Christmas Walk. Four new people expressed interest in becoming members. David Stone shared information with Kathryn Frazier about the Bigelow family in Augusta.
  • Motion made and approved to move the portable toilet to the West side of Ferry Street between Walnut and Chestnut.
  • Public Works:  Still working on NO Parking and STOP signs. The Post Office gutter has been repaired.  Trei Irwin received $625 for removing leaves.
  • Need to prepare an ordinance for MODOT since they handle the distribution of funds and approvals.
  • Receiver $10 cash for a sign permit at Harmonie Verein.