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Augusta Bottom Road Dedicated  ---->  New Safety Rails installed 


April 1, 2019 Minutes

  • Town Board members election on April 2, 2019
  • Mowing Bids Awarded:  Trey Irwins - $55/cut for Town Square & Post Office;     Paul Carmen - $25 for Visitors' Center & $70 for Library;     Bill Harrison - $20/hour for Town Park & $152 for Ball Field;  Marge Oaks - bid is on hold until further information is received.
  • Plein Air is April 12 - May 5.  Artists will be at various places in Town. 
  • Bulk Trash Pickup will be April 27th.  Notice mailed to residents.
  • Washington Veterinary Clinic is April 27th.
  • Rick Mueller Charity Tractor Cruise was approved to come through Augusta off Highway 94.  They are estimating 50 tractors for Sunday, September 8, 2019 around 1 pm.
  • Jim Reed joined the Cemetery Committee.
  • Kathryn Frazier listed the businesses who have paid for their 2019 Town Business License.
  • The chicken ordinance was discussed as requested by Penelope Beach.
  • Annual Sur Tax is effective 2-28-19 for $2,070.20.
  • Future public meeting regarding the streets of Augusta.  - - -   No updates on the grant application. - - -  No news on the St. Charles Building Contract.


DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS                    Gene Schaper  

TAX COLLECTOR & SECRETARY                    Rick Barton

CHAIRMAN                                                    Bob Hofer

TOWN CLERK                                                 Kathryn Frazier

TREASURER                                                  Ellen Knoernschild                                            



The complete and official Town Board Meeting minutes may be found in the Augusta Library.

February 11, 2019  Meeting

  • Possible grant information for improvements in Augusta was received by Cochran Engineering from the East-West Gateway Council.  Bob Hofer will deliver the $2,508.90 check for the grant application fee.  If the grant is issued to another entity, the fee will be returned.
  • Weather permitting,street repairs will done on the potholes, etc.  $1,000 was approved for this project.
  • The History Museum is investigating Greg Nadler's proposal to build an additional room and install a handicap accessible restroom.
  • Kathryn Frazier requested a 30 minute time slot for the March meeting to conduct a briefing on Historical Preservation.
  • A newsletter about Augusta's early history is being prepared by Kathryn Frazier and Ellen Knoernschild for the Friends of Historic Augusta.
  • Additional funds of $3,000 approved for the directional signage project through economic development.
  • Bob Hofer attended the St. Charles County meeting with regards to the ongoing STCC Building Permit Contract.
  • The April 2nd election process papers were submitted to the St. Charles County Election Authority.  The deadline for filing to be a write-in candidate is March 22.
  • Mowing bids will be out in March or April.
  • Bob Hofer and Rick Barton are checking emails and putting together a schedule for checking future emails and phone messages.
  • Possible date for bulk trash pick-up is April 15th.

                                 Next Meeting:   August 52019  at  7:00 pm                     


First  Monday  Dates  7:00 pm  (unless noted otherwise)

January 7                  February 11 (2nd Mon)    March 4                          April 1

May 6 (6:30 pm)                  June 3                        July 1                        August 5

Sept. 9 (2nd Mon)             October 7              November 4             December 2


The complete and official Town Board Meeting minutes may be found in the Augusta Library.

First Monday of the month           (exceptions in January and September)

NEXT MEETING:  August 5, 2019
                                   7:00 pm

           Town Hall / Dan Kemner Building                on the Town Square

March 4, 2019  Meeting

  • BULK TRASH PICKUP is Monday, April 8th.
  • Mowing bid notification posted in March; to be presented in April. 
  • Budget Report was accepted and approved.
  • Mosquito contract approved for the summer of 2019.
  • Augusta Elementary 5th graders are planting trees.
  • Marty's Paving invoice for patching potholes was $850; less than the $890 estimate and the $1000 allotted.
  • The future of the Augusta Athletic Association was discussed with Jodi Howell.  There were no kids' teams this year. 
  • Trey Smith from the Harvest Festival Committee discussed street closures for the September 21st weekend date.
  • Board vacancies filled:  Mike Clanahan on the Board of Adjustments and  Jim Reed on the Cemetery Committe.
  • Motion made, amended, and approved for Greg Nadler to draw up plans for an addition to the History Museum; $4,350 was allocated.
  • The St. Charles County Building Permit contract will be received later this month and presented at the April meeting.
  • Information on historical properties were handed out by the Historical Preservation Committee and were submitted to the CLG report.
  • Voted to allocate $450 for electronic equipment.
  • Handbooks are being updated.
  • Resident requests:  --Robert Kenkel wants Ameren UE to replace the street light bulb by his home with an LED light.   --Mark Ditch discussed the possibility of purchasing a cemetery plot to bury a deceased relative.  --Ryan Durbin on Lower Street received a permit for a residential garage from the Zoning Commission.

                  Picture of the new board coming soon!




​May 2019 - April 2020

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