May 7, 2018 Meeting

  • History Museum Meet & Greet Social set for Sunday, June 3rd from 1-4 pm.
  • Barrel signs are looking good.  Chairman Bob Hofer read a letter from Jodi Repki complimenting the Town about the new wine barrel signage with the seasonal foilage.  The barrels have been reinforced to withstand wind. Approved $1,450 to complete the 4 existing barrels we have.  Allocated an additional $4,000 for 3 more barrel signs.
  • Police services are approved for another year.
  • $25 Gift Certificate allotted for the Fall Harvest Festival Photo Contest.
  • The Plein Air Art Festival was a successful Chamber of Commerce event.
  • For Arbor Day the Augusta Elementary 5th Graders planted a crab apple tree.
  • The Augusta Bottom Road loan payment of $6,955 was paid to St. Charles County Finance.  A balance of $4,276 remains.
  • Town Hall basement project completed.  Approved $3,020 for duct cleaning by Avanta Clean Ducts. 
  • ​Business license payments are in except for three places.
  • Cochran Engineering is preparing a proposal for the East-West Grant Application for the Subsurface Block Grant Program.  $2,200 approved.
  • Cochran Engineering is approved for $10,000 for professional services in regards to the Preventative Pavement Maintenance Plan.
  • ​Paul Kampen gave input on the Main Street Plan.  He will continue to do further research.



First  Monday  Dates  7:00 pm  (unless noted otherwise)

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June 4, 2018 Meeting

  • Anita Mallinckrodt and Augusta Elementary School received the "Don't Let the Flame Go Out" award.  Their Google presentation about Augusta was honored on May 12, 2018. 
  • The Visitor Center lease is up for renewal in July.
  • The corn crop is planted and growing on time.  (from the Farm Report)
  • Pot hole repair on High Street will be done by Bob Hofer & Son.  Nathaniel is working on clearing the weeds around Town.
  • The final bill from Cochran Engineering for Lampke Trenching & Excavating is $ 10,270.33.
  • Cochran Engineering is working on a Roadway grant application project.  An open meeting for questions and concerns will be held on June 6th at 2 pm.  
  • Robert Kenkel discussed the inspection and permit requirements between the Town of Augusta and St. Charles County.  A copy of Ordinance 2014-12 was presented to him as a reference for his property on Hackman Road.
  • A land use permit for $50.00 was issued for 245 Jackson Street.
  • Gay Eskew and Lynn Hofer are working on the "Best of Augusta" Photo Contest which ended May 31.
  • The Economic Development Committee is meeting on June 13th to order sign materials.  Kathryn Frazier, Bob Hofer, and Kim Alsop will attend.  


The complete and official Town Board Meeting minutes may be found in the Augusta Library.


April 2, 2018 Meeting

  • Election results announced:  Robert Hofer and Richard Barton were both re-elected.  Town Board positions remain the same.  Congratulations!
  • Augusta Museum Open House on Sunday, June 2nd.  Augusta Elementary is researching information on Augusta for an upcoming book.
  • "Best of Augusta" Photo Contest deadline is May 31st.
  • Sign barrel decorations were changed to coincide with the spring season.
  • Mowing bids were reviewed and bidders were approved for the designated areas.  Thank you to all who applied.
  • The 2018 Mosquito Control Contract was approved for the Town.
  •  The Zoning Commission recommended that the property at 5596 Walnut be rezoned from Commercial to Residential.  The Town Board approved the Conditional Use permit for Bill and Debbie Schaeffer's property.
  • Sandi Lauer asked about the PWSD's new pump station.  It is an upgrade from the existing lagoon.
  • Reminders for various happenings.  Plein Air is from April 18 - 29.  Animal Hospital vaccinations by Dr. Smith on April 28 from noon - 1 pm at the Town Hall.  The Augusta Athletic Club is planning a ball diamond clean-up day on April 15.  Bulk Trash Pickup on April 9.  Vote in the election on Tuesday, April 3.  Business License Renewal deadline is April 15.
  • Paul and Marti Kampen introduced the Main Street program from the information they received from a seminar they attended. 

DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS                    Gene Schaper  

TAX COLLECTOR & SECRETARY                    Rick Barton

CHAIRMAN                                                    Bob Hofer

TOWN CLERK                                                 Kathryn Frazier

TREASURER                                                  Ellen Knoernschild                                            


First Monday of the month           (exceptions in January and September)

NEXT MEETING:  November 5, 2018
                                7:00 pm

           Town Hall / Dan Kemner Building                on the Town Square


The complete and official Town Board Meeting minutes may be found in the Augusta Library.

                                 Next Meeting:   November 52018  at  7 pm                     

(636) 228-4689

August 6, 2018 Meeting

  • Minor sidewalk and street repair authorization was given to Gene Schaper since the Town of Augusta has authority over sidewalks.  St. Charles County designates occupancy in a commercial space.
  • Plan to prioritize street repairs and/or replacement is included in the maintenance contract with Cochran Engineering.  A grant has been submitted.
  • The Town Board supports the Augusta Bottom Causeway through Warren County.  They are pursuing a grant for the project.
  • Warren County is responsible for the upkeep of the road and weed control on the Augusta Bottom Road.
  • Town Budget discussed.  Voting on its approval at the 9/10 meeting.
  • The Boone Duden Heritage sign will be located at Walnut and Ferry Streets on the Town Square.
  • Story Book Walk plan, including pictures and information, was presented by Shawna Wheeler in conjunction with the Augusta Library.  She asked for permission to use Town property around and behind the library as well as an estimated $2,000 to help with the funding for the installation.
  • Bob Hofer made a motion to nominate Brenda Ford to replace Robert Knoernschild on the Cemetery Committee.  Approved.
  • Reports:  Chamber of Commerce - JoAnn Milster working on the Harvest Festival (9/21-9/23).  Volunteers needed for the Christmas Walk.     Historian - Anita Mallinckrodt wrote an article about various Augusta artifacts. It's in a pamphlet and in the St. Charles County History Book.  Museum - Open 2 - 4 on the first Sunday of each month. 
  • Additional meeting items:  (1) Question asked about the requirements for a B&B.  Zoning Commissioner referred the Hackman Road owners to St. Charles County and the Town website.    (2) The Town Board is waiting for legal counsel to review contracts and ordinances to grant permits.   (3) Joe Bucheit is redoing the sidewalk at Jackson and Chestnut Streets.   (4) Paul Kemner asked to find someone to salvage the the level loader that has been sitting at the ballfield for around 20 years.      



Communities Working Together  --->   Warren and St. Charles Counties   Augusta and City of Washington

Augusta Bottom Road Dedicated  ---->  New Safety Rails installed 

                  Picture of the new board coming soon!


​May 2018 - April 2019

 *VOLUNTEER*       11/13 Luminary Party 6 pm;11/18 Town Square Decoration 1 pm and 1/20 de-decorating 1 pm.

*Influence*​            Talk with your elected Town Board trustees.  What would you like for the Town?

*Build up Augusta*    Halloween Celebration at the Augusta Visitors' Center. Candy plus more.

 --    TUESDAY TRAILHEAD food & music:  Come on down and join the fun!  Starts at 5:00 pm.    --