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Anchor Mill, with its millstones, was located on the creek near the intersection of Jackson and Locust Streets.
The mill was founded by Henry Schaaf in the 1850's and operated by Herman Haferkamp in the 1870's.
The former Anchor Mill Bed and Breakfast was named in its memory.
The millstones were donated by the Herman Haferkamp family.

(See photo below.)

New Display in the History Museum Garden

(intersection of High and Webster) 

                        The Town of Augusta, MO is nestled in rolling hills situated on the bluffs of the Missouri River.                                         Incorporated in 1855, the town offers a variety of venues:  historical sites, Katy Trail access which traverses Missouri,            wineries, a brewery, restaurants, shops, antiques, B & B's, a spa, and most of all:  a peaceful setting.  Approximately an hour from downtown St. Louis, Augusta is a small town with charm from a bygone era.

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